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Rescued eight dogs that raised in deplorable conditions on a farm in Benidorm

Written by on April 12, 2019

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Rescued eight dogs that raised in deplorable conditions on a farm in Benidorm

The Local Police intervenes in the area of Armanello three adult dogs at the request of a protector who a day earlier had taken five newborn puppies that their owners intended to sell to people who use animals to order on the street

Rescued eight dogs that raised in deplorable conditions on a farm in Benidorm

The animals were abandoned on a piece of land belonging to Armanello, tied 24 hours a day and with little water or food.

The Local Police of Benidorm has intervened several dogs whose owners had been living in deplorable conditions on a piece of land belonging to Armanello.

The intervention, which also collaborated with the National Police, began at the request of members of the animal association Somos Gos, based in Altea but working throughout the region rescuing animals in situations of abandonment or victims of abuse

Volunteers of this association have explained that they have long been aware that in this area of Benidorm, one of the most degraded and pending now of the development of the Ensanche Levante urban plan, there were illegal dog breeding sites .

Apparently, their managers, who have not been identified, would use bitches to have puppies and sell them, either by passing them as breed animals or to people who use these animals to exercise begging , as explained Mariola Terrez, spokesperson for We are Gos.

Faced with this situation, and after verifying the existence of at least eight dogs in poor condition, the animal defense association contacted the police to report the facts to the Local Police , which for the first time agents of this body and of the Nacional desplazasen to place this Tuesday and from conducting an operation to seize three of these animals, which have been brought to the premises of the protective animal Benidorm.

The situation with which animalists and agents were found can be seen in the video that accompanies this information. The animals only have small cages, transportines or even a dumpster dump to take shelter from the sun during the day or low night temperatures.

They remain tied 24 hours a day, surrounded by dirt, feces and with little food or clean water to feed and drink. To this it is added that the animals neither have a chip nor any other type of identification, nor do they have the vaccines in order, so that, apart from the seizure by the Police, it has not been possible to lodge a complaint since there is no could identify their owners.

The members of Somos Gos also discovered that one of the dogs, of the Husky breed, had inside the dumpster to which five newborn puppies are tied, of which the volunteers have taken charge and who are going to regroup with their mother so they can move forward.

Sources of the Department of Public Safety of the City of Benidorm have explained that the Local Police found that the animals were in a situation of abandonment, in poor living conditions and without any sanitary registration or identification of their owners.

In addition, they confirm that the agents verified that the purpose of these animals was to assign them to begging, which is why they proceeded to intervene, in order to rescue them from this painful situation.

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