May 19, 2020

Prime Minister Liz Truss grilled by BBC local radio stations

Listen to some of the key moments from the prime minister’s first interviews since the mini-budget announcement.

Liz Truss defends tax cuts and energy costs help in mini-budget

The PM says her government needs to continue to "deliver economic growth, jobs and opportunities".

UK economy: Government not responsible for market volatility - minister

Andrew Griffith says the UK is dealing with the same issues as other major economies affected by the Ukraine war.

Labour conference: Key moments from Sir Keir's speech

The Labour leader attempts to reposition his party in a major speech delivered in Liverpool.

Angela Rayner lists Labour 'legacies' of recent decades

Labour delegates cheer as their deputy leader says her party delivers 99% of what it pledges.

Ron's house: Minotaur head and lion discovered in rented Birkenhead flat

Ron Gittins transformed his rented home in Birkenhead and now campaigners are trying to buy it.

Kevin Sinfield: Rugby league star to run ultra marathons for MND

The rugby league star aims to run 300 miles (482km) in a week to raise funds for motor neurone disease research.

Labour's Rachel Reeves blames chancellor for 'concerning' pound fall

Rachel Reeves says unfunded commitments by Kwasi Kwarteng are causing the sell-off of sterling.

Labour conference: National anthem sung in tribute to Queen

The national anthem has been sung at Labour conference for the first time in recent memory.

New prosthetic arm surfing aid tested in Bristol

It is being trialled to help people with prosthetic arms enjoy sports such as surfing and yoga.

Mini-budget: Are there winners and losers?

Faisal Islam explains what the biggest tax cuts in 50 years mean for those across the income scale.

Chancellor Kwarteng on mini-budget: Not a gamble at all

Kwasi Kwarteng said "a reboot, a rethink" was needed for the UK economy and to help the less well-off.

Stamp duty to income tax - What to know about Kwarteng's 'new era'

The new chancellor revealed several changes to taxes in his mini-budget - the first major statement for him.

Strictly Come Dancing; How are this year's newly-paired couples feeling?

The widely watched dancing competition has paired the celebrities, including comedian Ellie Taylor and actor Will Mellor, with their dancing professionals.

Award for Elton John after White House performance

US President Joe Biden surprised Sir Elton John by giving him a medal for his contribution to music.

Political Thinking: Jeremy Corbyn on Labour and Tory economic plans

The former Labour leader recalls the “condemnation” he received when he proposed borrowing for the UK economy.

Speaker disappointed energy statement not made in Commons

Lindsay Hoyle says he is disappointed news wasn't revealed to Parliament before the media got the details.

Jeremey Vine: Stalker's YouTube was 'a fountain of hate'

Radio 2’s Jeremy Vine has spoken about his experience at the hands of convicted stalker Alex Belfield.

Paying respects to the Queen from remote Nepal region

Victoria Cross recipient Captain Limbu was unable to go to the state funeral but still made a special tribute.

Watch the emotional farewell to the Queen

Thousands of people turned out to watch Queen Elizabeth II's funeral in London and her final journey to Windsor.

Queen's committal service held at St George's Chapel, Windsor

The Queen's committal service has taken place at St George's Chapel, Windsor.

Watch moments from the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II

Key moments from Westminster Abbey at the first state funeral since 1965.

Flower-strewn hearse journeys to Windsor Castle

Huge crowds lined the Long Walk as the procession headed to St George's Chapel.

The moment the last people join the queue

A mother and daughter were surprised to be the last to join the queue to see the Queen lying in state.

Robbie Williams on Glasto, kids and middle-aged spread

The musician looks back at 25 years as a solo artist and ponders what might come next.

What the queue says about our relationship with royalty

Nick Robinson delves into the archive to explore the significance of the queue to see the Queen's lying-in-state.

UK marks one-minute silence for Queen Elizabeth II

People across the UK pause in a moment of reflection ahead of the late monarch's funeral.

Queen Elizabeth II: Grieving a loved one in public not easy, Queen told Sentamu

John Sentamu says the Queen described her feelings in a letter a month after Prince Philip's burial.

Queen Elizabeth II: Camilla remembers Queen's smile in tribute

The Queen Consort recalls her late mother-in-law's 'wonderful blue eyes' on the eve of the monarch's funeral.

Queen's grandchildren take part in historic vigil by her coffin

Princes William and Harry and their cousins take part in a vigil beside the Queen's coffin in Westminster Hall.

Queen Elizabeth II: King Charles III and Prince of Wales meet queuing mourners

King Charles III and the Prince of Wales speak to people waiting to see the Queen lying in state.

Police stop rollerblader near King Charles's car

Officers tackle a man to the ground shortly before the monarch's vehicle passes by.

Queen Elizabeth II: Rehearsals by moonlight ahead of Queen's funeral

People gather in Windsor as members of the Armed Forces rehearse the Queen's burial procession.

The cowboy and the Queen who bonded over horses

Sitting with the heads of state at Monday's funeral will be Monty Roberts, a cowboy from California.

The Queen's children hold a silent vigil beside her coffin

King Charles, Princess Anne, Prince Edward and Prince Andrew have held a silent vigil at Westminster Hall.

Queen Elizabeth II: 'This experience is meant to be shared' - David Beckham

The footballer waited with members of the public to see Queen Elizabeth II lie in state.

Lying-in-state queue: 'I'm trying to limit my fluids'

People lining up for hours to see the Queen lying in state, say it's worth the long wait, to pay their respects to the monarch.

Lady Antonia Fraser reads new tribute poem to Queen

The writer and historian, Lady Antonia Fraser wrote a poem to the Queen following her death.

Ben Wallace and Alister Jack stand guard over Queen's coffin

The defence secretary and Scottish secretary take part in the vigil as the monarch lies in state.

First mourners to see Queen lie in state speak to BBC

Amanda and Paula queued to pay their respects to the Queen from six in the morning on Wednesday.

Mourners arrive to pay their respects to the Queen

Queen Elizabeth is lying in state in Westminster Hall for four days so the public can pay their final respects.

Watch: How Queen Elizabeth's journey to lying-in-state unfolded

Queen Elizabeth's coffin is brought to Parliament to lie in state, so the public can pay their respects.

Journey along morning queues to see the Queen

Video shows people in London waiting to see the Queen lying-in-state at 08:20 BST on Wednesday.

Queen lying in state: Queuing through the night to 'say hello and goodbye'

People are queuing through the night for the chance to walk past the Queen's coffin in Westminster.

Queen Elizabeth II: Cortege met by cheers at Buckingham Palace

The Queen's coffin arrives at Buckingham Palace to applause from large crowds lining the route.

The Queen's journey to lying-in-state

Her coffin travels from Buckingham Palace to Westminster Hall, where the public can pay their respects.

King Charles III makes first visit to Northern Ireland as monarch

King Charles III and Camilla, the Queen Consort, visit Northern Ireland as part of a tour of the UK.

Queen lying at rest: 'We wouldn't miss it for the world'

Tens of thousands joined an overnight queue of more than a mile long to view Her Majesty's coffin.

Queen's children perform Vigil of the Princes

The traditional Vigil of the Princes takes place in St Giles' Cathedral, Edinburgh.

King Charles III leads procession behind Queen's coffin

The King and other royals follow a procession up Edinburgh's Royal Mile to St Giles' Cathedral.


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