May 19, 2020

Marble Arch Mound: 'I wouldn't pay £4 to walk up a hill'

The public reacts to London's newest tourist attraction, which is facing complaints of being incomplete.

Mikey Poulli: The young blind footballer backed by star players

Mikey Poulli, who lost his sight due to a rare degenerative condition, dreams of playing for England.

Welsh slate landscape crowned a World Heritage site

The slate landscape of north-west Wales becomes the 32 UK site to be on Unesco's heritage list.

Tokyo Olympics: Matt Richards’ parents ‘overwhelmed’ by gold medal

"We're just delighted for him", says Matt Richards' mother Amanda.

The Scottish mice helping to rewild Ealing

Tiny harvest mice are being exported from East Kilbride to Ealing to help with a rewilding project.

Roads and properties flooded after heavy rain in Norfolk

Norfolk Fire Service deals with about 20 flooding-related incidents in Thetford on Tuesday evening.

Aerial dancers enjoy striking Honister sunrise performance

Three aerial dancers suspend themselves from 1,000ft (305m) up for a routine in the Lake District.

Sajid Javid calls on younger people to have Covid vaccines

Fighting Covid has been a "race" with the baton now being passed from older to young people, says the health secretary

Shapps on opening up England to visitors from US and Europe

The government has tried to "err on the side of caution and safety" on opening up borders to visitors from abroad, says the transport secretary.

Angell Road abuse survivor: I can't forgive Lambeth for what they've done to me

Elizabeth McCourt was sexually abused at a care home in Lambeth as a child.

Prince Philip: 'Surreal' letter from palace after royal portrait

Honor sent a painting to the Queen after the prince's death and was surprised at the response.

Multiple sclerosis: Parkour athlete's loss of mobility 'mortifying'

Luke Callinan, 35, has been diagnosed with a rare form of multiple sclerosis.

Tokyo Olympics: The youngest athletes, past and present

GB skateboarder Sky Brown is 13 years old, but there have been even younger in the history of the Games.


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