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June 25, 2019

Cameron 'sought Queen's help' over Scottish independence

The ex-PM spoke to royal officials about her "raising an eyebrow" at the prospect of independence.

Brexit: UK has two weeks to set out plan - Finnish PM

The Finnish PM says EU leaders need written proposals by the end of September - and France's Emmanuel Macron agrees.

Boris Johnson 'glad' about new father's NHS confrontation

Boris Johnson says an angry exchange with the father of a sick child is "part of my job".

Extra school cash 'enough to reverse cuts'

Financial experts say schools are receiving a big funding boost - but only back to levels of a decade ago.

Consumers' credit card spending 'overtakes cash'

Debit cards were most used, but falling cash use pushed notes and coins to third place, say retailers.

Finding good care home 'impossible' in some areas

An analysis maps the areas with the highest concentrations of sub-standard care home beds.

Teens in unregulated homes face 'organised abuse'

A BBC News investigation finds teenagers in care being placed at risk of abuse in unregulated homes.

Chesterfield school anxiety pupil 'treated like truant'

Fourteen-year-old Kai wants to go to classes but has only attended about 15 days since January.

John Humphrys to host his final edition of Radio 4 Today programme

The veteran presenter will bow out on Thursday after 32 years on the flagship show.

Foster: Brexit solution must recognise NI constitutional status

Arlene Foster has said a Brexit solution cannot affect Northern Ireland's constitutional position.

Jason Lawrance appeals against vasectomy lie rape convictions

Jason Lawrance had consensual sex with a woman but the jury decided his lies negated the consent.

Climate change: Warming to drive 'robust increase' in UK flooding

A new study shows that there's a higher probability for extreme flooding on UK coasts as global temperatures rise.

No-deal Brexit: 10 ways it could affect you

From your weekly shop to your holiday plans, how could a no-deal Brexit affect you?

In full: Boris Johnson interview from Luxembourg with BBC's Laura Kuenssberg

BBC political editor Laura Kuenssberg speaks to the PM after he meets the European Commission president.

Prorogation: How can the government suspend Parliament?

Can the prime minister shut down Parliament to force a no-deal Brexit?

BBC Briefing on energy: how do I use it?

Your downloadable guide to the UK's energy system and why it must change to meet climate pledges.

Are cities as bad for the environment as we think?

Cities have a bad reputation for pollution but - in terms of climate change - that might be unfair.

The surprising truth about UK energy use

What can we do to meet the demands of our increasingly technology-dependent lives?

Boris Johnson confronted on east London hospital visit

The father and Labour activist said the children's ward was understaffed and the NHS was being destroyed.

Luxembourg PM on news conference: 'I did not want to humiliate' Johnson

In a BBC exclusive, Xavier Bettel says it was never his intention to humiliate Boris Johnson.

Supreme Court: What happened with Brexit on Wednesday?

The Brexit battle returned to the Supreme Court as judges decide whether the suspension of Parliament is lawful.

Gareth Thomas: 'Tabloids took my right to discuss HIV with my parents'

Former rugby player Gareth Thomas reveals a journalist discussed his HIV status with his parents.

The debate over facial recognition technology

Some MPs have called for UK police and companies to stop using live facial recognition for public surveillance.

Supreme Court: What happened with Brexit on Tuesday?

Eleven judges must decide whether advice Boris Johnson gave to the Queen about prorogation was lawful.

The Papers: PM told to show Brexit plan and Labour 'reform'

The EU giving Boris Johnson a deadline to deliver his Brexit plans features on some of the front pages.

Victoria Hall: New information about 1999 teen murder

Seventeen-year-old Victoria Hall was abducted and killed on her way home from a nightclub.

Scotland's poorest 'three times' more likely to die young

The figures show the "massive inequality" between rich and poor in Scotland, researchers say.

Kevin Lunney: Quinn Industrial Holdings director abducted and beaten

Quinn Industrial Holdings’ director Kevin Lunney was attacked near his County Fermanagh home.

NHS hospitals and buildings' £261m backlog of urgent repairs

The total maintenance backlog in hospitals and other NHS buildings is more than £500m.

PC Andrew Harper: Three teenagers charged with murder

PC Andrew Harper died after he was dragged along a road by a vehicle in Berkshire last month.

John Humphrys: What's it like to face the BBC's Today presenter?

As the presenter retires from the BBC's Today programme, politicians reflect on his tough interviews.

Homophobic hate crime: Beaten-up for being gay

Homophobic hate crime reports in the UK have doubled since 2014, but charges are falling.

Bournemouth mum takes up boxing to improve mental health

Bournemouth mum Gemma Ruegg has won a regional title ten weeks after giving birth to her daughter.

London Fashion Week: Gem helmets, upcycled trainers and Brexit

The UK's fashion industry is worth £32bn, so here's what it thinks about Brexit.

Sir Jim Ratcliffe: The man behind the new 4x4 factory in Bridgend

He is rejuvenating the old Ford plant with a new off-road vehicle, but who is Sir Jim Ratcliffe?

Gareth Thomas: Are celebrity private lives no longer fair game?

Newspapers are facing a public outcry and legal defeats for intruding on famous people's privacy.

Can you turn around the health of an entire town?

Three years on, how is a project aimed at transforming the health of people in Fleetwood faring?

Criminal on Netflix: The restrictions of film and TV confined to one location

A new Netflix series, guest starring David Tennant, is set entirely in a police interrogation room.

How has Scotland changed since the indyref?

Five years on from the independence referendum, how have things changed in Scotland?

Sea views: Capturing British maritime life

Winners of the Shipwrecked Mariners' Society photographic competition.

No charge for 91-year-old's boiler 'under any circumstances'

Burnley plumber gains worldwide attention for not charging an elderly customer "under any circumstances".

Digging for Victory: Stories from wartime gardens

A Royal Horticultural Society collection of family photos show gardening during World War Two


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