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June 26, 2019

Inside Iran: The women taking to the streets

Human rights groups say at least 76 people have been killed so far in protests in Iran – and over a thousand arrested. We have been hearing from some of the demonstrators venting their fury over the death of Mahsa Amini, a young woman arrested for allegedly violating strict headscarf rules.

MPs condemn ‘acute harm’ caused to prisoners by IPP sentences

It’s a scheme described as ‘the single greatest stain on our criminal justice system’ by a former supreme court justice. Imprisonment for Public Protection sentences, introduced under New Labour, allowed offenders to be kept in jail indefinitely if they posed a risk to the public. The scheme was...

Millions urged to vaccinate amid winter spike concerns

Millions of people are being urged to have their flu and Covid vaccines, with experts worried about a potential spike in cases of both this winter. The UK Health Security Agency warned of lower levels of natural immunity against influenza, due to several winters in which people socialised less due...

‘Putin intends to make his point,’ says analyst Fiona Hill – as Russia accused of Nordstream gas leak

The White House have announced the US is readying another $1.1 billion support package for Ukraine – including hundreds of armoured vehicles and drones. Fiona Hill worked in the White House under three administrations as a Russia Analyst on the National Security Council.

Ukraine and Poland accuse Russia over Nordstream gas leak

The ripple effect of this conflict has been felt around the world, nowhere more literally than the Baltic Sea where waters have been churning since Monday by leaking Russian gas. The damage to the Nord Stream 1 and 2 pipelines has seen the price of gas spike once again in Europe, with markets...

Russia prepares to annex occupied areas of Ukraine

The European Union has announced further sanctions against Russia, including plans for a cap on the price of Russian oil. Meanwhile the United States together with Poland and Bulgaria has told its citizens to leave Russia as soon as possible, fearing that its dual citizens might get caught up in...

Starmer: Government must reverse budget and recall Parliament

The turmoil of the past few days has given Labour the opportunity to portray themselves as the party of economic competence – a message Sir Keir Starmer attempted to hammer home in his conference speech yesterday. But what would he do differently? We spoke to the Labour leader earlier, and asked...

Bank of England ‘rightly reversed their policy, says Tory MP

Conservative MP and former government minister John Redwood has been a defender of the government’s plans, and joined us from his Wokingham constituency.

Tory reputation for economic competence ‘jeopardised’ by falling pound, Conservative MP says

We have asked the government for an interview but no-one was made available to us. We’re joined by the Chair of the Treasury Committee, Conservative MP and former minister, Mel Stride.

Poll predicts 100-seat Labour majority at next general election

The day’s events have heaped yet more pressure on the government.

What does bank intervention mean for the economy?

Where does the latest turmoil leave the UK economy and the government?

Bank of England takes emergency action to calm market

As the economic storm clouds over the UK darkened further still, the Bank of England today staged a dramatic intervention – saying it will start buying up government debt in an effort to stabilise markets and protect pension funds. The surging cost of borrowing, sparked last week by the...

FactCheck: What did the Bank of England do to bonds today and why?

The Bank of England has announced it will “carry out temporary purchases of long-dated UK government bonds”. Here’s what that means. Bonds are “IOUs” issued by the government. Selling bonds is how governments borrow money from the international markets. Bonds are often called gilts in the UK...

FactCheck: Why is the pound falling, interest rates rising and mortgages being pulled?

The pound has dropped in value against other major currencies in the days since chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng’s first “mini” budget. Now some economists warn UK interest rates could reach 6 per cent next year, which would be the highest level since 1999. This would have huge ramifications for those...

Nasa’s Dart probe hits asteroid in hope to protect Earth

Now a crash isn’t usually something to celebrate, but last night Nasa did exactly that. There were cheers at mission control when the Dart probe smashed into an asteroid, seven million miles from Earth. They hope it will demonstrate that planet-threatening asteroids can be knocked off course.


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