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June 26, 2019

Artist Nan Goldin protests outside Victoria and Albert Museum against their links to Sackler family

The American artist Nan Goldin has staged an activist protest outside London’s Victoria and Albert Museum – urging them to abandon their links to the billionaire Sackler family. As well as being patrons of the arts – the pharmaceutical company behind the Sacklers’ wealth is accused of helping to...

Hong Kong Protests: Residents turn on protestors

Chinese troops have been deployed on the streets of Hong Kong – not to crush the anti-government protests but to help clean up the damage after last night’s unrest. More clashes broke out this evening after a relatively calm day – as police fired tear gas at people throwing petrol bombs from a...

Labour leaders meet to discuss final details of election manifesto

Labour leaders have been meeting to trade unions and other groups to hammer out the final details of their election manifesto. A few moments ago, Jermey Corbyn said the clause 5 meeting had reached unanimous agreement on the contents. Our political correspondent Liz Bates speaks to Cathy.

‘I don’t think we’ve woken up to the full implications of Grenfell,’ says Mayor of Greater Manchester, Andy Burnham

Cathy spoke to the Mayor of Greater Manchester, Andy Burnham, and asked him whether he was concerned that the cladding may have been partly responsible for the blaze.

Bolton block fire: Concerns over cladding

An investigation is underway into the fire which swept through a six storey student accommodation block in Bolton – gutting and badly damaging several floors. Witnesses said the flames tore through the upper part of the building ‘within minutes’ – although officials insisted it did not have the...

Personality politics: Does it matter in an election?

Joining me now to discuss the character and relatability of both party leaders are Guto Harri, who was Boris Johnson’s communications chief during part of his time as London Mayor, and Owen Jones who’s been an aide to senior Labour figures and is now an activist and journalist.

Johnson dismisses Labour’s ‘communist’ free broadband plan

It’s an idea Labour calculates will have broad appeal. But after dangling the promise of free high speed internet, Labour now has to convince people it’s deliverable and affordable. The Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell says it’s “visionary”, the Lib Dems say it’s “crazy” and Tories say it’s...

Hong Kong in recession after months of anti-China protests

Hong Kong has entered its first recession for a decade after months of anti-China protests and violent clashes. A 70-year-old man has died after being hit by a brick allegedly thrown by protesters. The police say they are treating it as murder. Student activists have barricaded themselves into...

Northern Ireland: pro-Remain nationalist parties forge election pacts

In Northern Ireland, as in the rest of the UK, Brexit looms large. So, too, does the question of electoral pacts. Cooperation between unionist parties hasn’t been unusual in recent years. But this time it’s pro-Remain nationalist parties who are working together to try to defeat the DUP in several...

Gotabaya Rajapaksa favourite in Sri Lanka Presidential race

In Sri Lanka, voters will elect a new President this weekend and they look likely to bring back a familiar face. Gotabaya Rajapaksa was the defence secretary who oversaw the end of a decades-long civil war. The UN says at least 40,000 Tamil civilians died during the war’s final months and Mr...

Trump launches live Twitter attack on impeachment witness as she testifies

President Trump has been accused of intimidating a witness at his impeachment hearing by attacking her on Twitter while she was testifying. Marie Yovanovitch was explaining how she felt threatened by Donald Trump, who’d recalled her from her post as Ukraine Ambassador.

FactCheck: Labour’s broadband policy

A Labour government will bring “free full-fibre broadband for all” by 2030, the party announced today. Shadow chancellor John McDonnell said the plan would “challenge rip-off ‘out-of-contract’ pricing” and would “literally eliminate bills for millions of people across the UK.” The party says it...

Who’s most likely to win the general election? | Politics: Where Next? podcast

In this week’s podcast, veteran political analyst Professor John Curtice and Professor Matthew Goodwin of the University of Kent share their predictions for this general election. Both are agreed that a Conservative majority is most likely at this stage, but aren’t ruling out a hung...

British men who travelled to Syria to join ISIS say they ‘want to be put on trial in the UK’

Two men who left the UK to join so-called Islamic State have told Channel 4 News that they want to return home to face trial. The men were part of the first wave of foreign recruits that joined the terrorist organisation – and are now left in legal limbo, with the British government refusing to...

26-year-old man arrested at Heathrow Airport over suspected terrorism offences

A 26-year-old man has been arrested at Heathrow Airport on suspicion of Syria-related terror offences. The man was arriving in the UK from Turkey, just hours after Turkey confirmed it had deported a British Islamic State suspect.


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