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‘Superviernes’ electoral in Benidorm

Written by on May 17, 2019

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Article Written & Published in Spanish By: Diario Informacion
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‘Superviernes’ electoral in Benidorm

The main parties organize this Friday, at the same time and at different points, events to present their candidates and programs for the 26-M

The PP is the only one that has already submitted its electoral candidacy. The rest will do this Friday in different acts. DAVID REVENGA

If an alien had just landed on earth and could vote in the municipal elections next May 26, this Friday would have a good chance to catch up if your electoral college is in Benidorm . Although, yes, first I would have to have the ability to be able to split in four.

Apart from the small acts with groups or neighborhoods that are frequent for all candidates during the campaign days, four of the main parties that attend the elections in the tourist city are summoned, at almost the same time but at different points , electoral events to make known their candidates or to present to the citizenship the main aspects of their program . We are, then, before a full-fledged electoral “super-celebration” .

The Popular Party starts with some advantage against the other opponents. Those of Toni Pérez already presented the past May 1, in the Hermitage of Sanz, to the other 24 people who accompany the current mayor in the candidacy with which they aspire to revalidate the local government.

But, although they already fulfilled this objective, this Friday they do not intend to sit idly by. The Foietes Park will be the stage where this Friday is scheduled to advance its program, in an act that will start at 8 pm and that, afterwards, will have its continuity with a young party that they have organized in the Manhattan pub.

The forecast was to present his list last Saturday, but the duel for the death of Aldredo Pérez Rubalcaba finally led PSPV-PSOE to postpone this Friday’s appointment. As they had initially scheduled, although another day and another time, the candidacy of Ruben Martinez will be long in the street Gambo , in an act that will start at 20.30, although from 19 will warm the audience with music and bar free .

However, the change of date will be charged a significant low for the event: the acting president of the Generalitat, Ximo Puig , who last week had planned to come to clothe the local socialists and now can not attend.

Ciudadanos is another of the parties that also intends this Friday to mobilize their supporters, in an act that will take place in the Plaza del Torrejó , starting at eight o’clock in the afternoon.

Those of Albert Rivera will present in front of the sea the 25 components of the candidacy that Juan Balastegui heads and with which they aspire, at least, to improve the results of 2015, when they obtained three councilmen.

The fourth in the contest of this “superviernes” will be Compromís . The nationalist formation also presents its candidacy at 8:00 pm, at the Casa del Fester , in an event in which the deputies Marián Campello and Josep Nadal will be giving their support to Josep Bigorra and the rest of the candidates.

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