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The flags of the military barracks will not fly at half mast during Holy Week

Written by on April 11, 2019

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The flags of the military barracks will not fly at half mast during Holy Week

The Minister of Defense, Margarita Robles, affirms that it will apply the current regulations regarding flags

Robles on her visit to the barracks of Rabasa MOE

Minister of Defense Margarita Robles during her visit to the barracks of Rabasa MOE Pilar Cortés

The Minister of Defense , Margarita Robles , has indicated that the Government will apply the ‘current’ regulations in the matter of flags so as not to leave the flags at half mast in the military barracks during Holy Week .

“We definitely apply the regulations that are in force,” he said and said that the regulations “are not expected” to flow at half mast.

“Any other resolution that is dictated would be to alter the regulations”, has kept questions from the media about it during a visit to the Rabassa barracks , in Alicante , where he has known the unit of the MOE.

Robles stressed that the Government is “deeply respectful” with religious beliefs and with Holy Week , a party that has been described as “very important from all points of view.” Thus, he has spoken of the ‘cultural’ point of view but also of ‘the point of view of spirituality’.

In this context, he commented that out of respect for spirituality he has claimed “not to mix one thing with the other” and because, in addition, regarding ‘traditions’ it is “important that all the military who want to participate voluntarily in all the processions or in all the celebrations that there are in Holy Week, do them “.

Questioned on what had been the situation, Margarita Robles recalled that “until now there had been a decision that the previous Government, as an exception to the regulations that are in force had dictated.”

Faced with this, he insisted that his decision is ‘to maintain’ the regulations and ‘not to dictate an exceptional rule’. However, he stressed that, in his opinion, it is an ‘anecdote’ and has referred to the 120,000 men and women who work “every day with rigor and effectiveness for values, convictions or defending Spain, it’s what really needs to be valued. ”

In this regard, he considered that “staying in the anecdote is doing a disservice to the Armed Forces, which are a pride for all Spaniards and, very particularly for me as Minister of Defense, and today being here is that support for who are in special operations serving Spain “

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