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The Holy Trinity is once again back in the Port of Alicante

Written by on May 16, 2019

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Article Written & Published in Spanish By: Diario Informacion
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The Holy Trinity is once again back in the Port of Alicante

The Benidorm company that bought it loses its rights by not completing the procedures meaning the replica is once again up for sale

The replica of the Holy Trinity is again a problem. When in January it seemed that the nautical device had the hours counted in Alicante by the offer that had arrived from a company in Benidorm to anchor it in the tourist capital, everything started again because after paying, even, the deposit, the company did not continue with the procedures for which the contest has been deserted.

The second option, a merchant that wanted to buy it for scrapping, did not obtain the necessary permits, and the issue has remained in neutral. The route of the public tender has already been completed. Whoever wants the replica can present his offer and his technicians see it pertinent will remain. Port? Wishing that someone arrives to solve the problem.

The problem is not the price of the auction, because if the replica could be opened to the public it would be amortized in less than three seasons, but for the Maritime Authority to authorize its activity it must previously pass an inspection in a dry dock, and this entails a tow to Cartagena or Dénia, plus the actions that Captaincy obliges after the inspection, an economically unfeasible process unless later operated in any of those ports.

Sad end, unless there are buyers, for the replica of what was a Spanish ship of 120 guns at first, extended to 140 later. It was the largest ship of its time, so it received the nickname “The Escorial of the seas” , and was one of the few ships of line of four bridges that existed. Despite this, it was not very effective because of its clumsiness and slow navigation. It sank after the damages suffered in the Battle of Trafalgar.

The Holy Trinity was the flagship of the Spanish Armada in the eighteenth century. Equipped with 112 guns, the ship was the largest of the time. It fought in all the Spanish battles from 1769 until its end in the one of Trafalgar, in 1805, after which it ended up sinking by the suffered damages.

The company Santísima Trinidad Excursiones SL, based in the tourist city and created expressly to be awarded the aforementioned nautical artifact, wanted to anchor the ship in the vicinity of Punta Llisera with the aim of providing a new tourist attraction to the capital of the Costa Blanca .

The nautical artifact is moored in Pier 7 of the Port after the alienation practiced by the Port to take over the property after the defaults of the former owners.

After an auction to get rid of the “replica” of the ship in which there were no interested and that started from 152,000 euros, now the aforementioned firm created in Benidorm could be awarded the Holy Trinity for a total of 25,000 euros .

This nautical device must pass an inspection in a dry dock before returning to lodge any activity in its interior and it entails a tow to Dénia, where these works will be carried out for the preparation of the Holy Trinity.

Do not forget that the replica of the ship suffered a series of damages during its transfer which, together with the oversights over it of its previous owner, require an examination and, once completed, the ship will be able to set course for its new destination.

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