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The National Police dismantles an indoor marijuana plantation in Finestrat and detains one of its perpetrators

Written by on May 25, 2019

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Article Written & Published in Spanish By: Diario Informacion
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The National Police dismantles an indoor marijuana plantation in Finestrat and detains one of its perpetrators

The crop was hidden inside a two-story villa where the police seized 538 marijuana plants

Agents of the National Police have arrested in the town of Finestrat one of the alleged perpetrators of an indoor plantation of hidden marijuana inside a two-storey villa in that town.

Thanks to various investigative efforts and several anonymous complaints, the agents learned of the existence of a villa located in the town of Finestrat, which would contain hidden an indoor marijuana plantation.

After practicing various inquiries, the agents located the house and verified how inside a man remained almost 24 hours a day without leaving , a behavior very common in organizations where the caregiver rarely leaves the property containing a marijuana plantation to avoid possible removal of the illicit substance.

The researchers verified that it was indeed a two-storey, semi-basement and outdoor plot, where a noise caused by an extractor, commonly used in marijuana plantations, was heard throughout the perimeter of the home.

Also, the agents observed two large industrial air conditioning units installed in the back of the house, covered by a stockade to make it difficult to locate them, a common occurrence in this type of property that houses plantations, given that marijuana requires cycles of light and darkness and certain temperatures.

In the same way, the agents perceived at all times a strong smell of this type of substance in the environment and, in addition, the house had two dogs of dangerous race that kept the entire perimeter area warning of the possible presence of any person who found in the exterior of the home.

Another fact that made researchers suspect the possible existence of a hidden plantation was that all the windows of the basement were closed and covered with black fabrics, to which we must add the great neglect in the exterior garden, since both mattresses , bedding and canapés of several rooms were on the outside of the house stacked under the stairs, frequent practice in homes that house a hydroponic culture when stacking furniture in the garden, since the rooms are occupied by the plants of cannabis and they require a lot of space for their growth.

Detention and Registration

When considering that there were enough indications to estimate that there could be an illegal cultivation of marijuana , the agents proceeded to register the house, discovering a plantation of 538 coagulated marijuana plants, about 5 kilos of the same substance, 3,250 euros in cash, 16 fans, 4 air conditioners, 3 extractors, 92 halogen lamps, 5 filters, 1 generator, 58 reactors, a precision balance and numerous packaging machines.

When the agents were going to proceed to the arrest of the two men who were at home, they rushed on the police officers, beginning a struggle that ended with the arrest of the main person responsible for the plantation after a foot chase.

The detainee, a Dutchman of 23 years, was placed at the disposal of the Court of Instruction number two of Benidorm.

A radiological test confirmed that one of the detainees carried about 65 grams of cocaine and almost 20 grams of heroin inside his body

In another operation, the same agents suspected the occupants of a vehicle circulating in the town of Benidorm. Both persons were known by the investigators, since between both counted on almost 40 police antecedents, some of them by drug trafficking.

After giving them the stop, the agents found inside the vehicle and also hidden among their belongings several doses of cocaine, besides showing a nervous attitude and some concern about the police presence.

After proceeding to the arrest of both men for allegedly committing a crime of drug trafficking, the agents decided to take the arrested to the hospital in Villajoyosa in order to do the relevant tests to discover narcotic substances inside their physical cavities.

After a radiological test, one of the arrested men was discovered two condoms containing about 65 grams of cocaine and almost 20 grams of heroin that he carried inside his body, being then admitted to the aforementioned hospital.

The detainees were placed at the disposal of the Court of Instruction number four of Villajoyosa.

Both operations were carried out by agents of the Judicial Police Brigade of the Police Station of the National Police of Benidorm.

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