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Two wounded in a shootout between drug traffickers to steal drugs

Written by on May 23, 2019

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Article Written & Published in Spanish By: Diario Informacion
Translated by Google from Spanish to English

Two wounded in a shootout between drug traffickers to steal drugs between Novelda and Monforte del Cid

The Civil Guard detained four involved, including the two admitted to hospitals in Alicante and Elche, and seeks the perpetrators of the shooting

Those arrested belong to a gang involved in a recent frustrated “rollover” of marijuana in Murcia.

Barely a month after a shootout without injuries between drug dealers in El Campello to steal a stash of hashish recently landed, the scene was repeated yesterday between Novelda and Monforte del Cid and at least two people aged 30 and 48 were shot and wounded. they were arrested.

The two shots and two others involved who were also arrested after the brawl in Beniel (Murcia) are allegedly part of a criminal group that moved from the region of Murcia to a point of Medio Vinalopó to execute a “rollover” of marijuana to another band , according to the hypothesis that the Civil Guard shuffles.

The victims of the attempted theft of the drug defended themselves by shooting and forced the assailants to flee.

Agents of the Civil Guard of Novelda, Crevillent and Murcia yesterday made intense inquiries to clarify the place where the shooting occurred and arrest all those involved, both the perpetrators of the shooting and other suspects of drug theft.

The Civil Guard believes that the band that moved from Murcia are seven people of Maghrebi origin and in addition to engaging in the “overturning” of drugs – stealing caches from other drug traffickers – to traffic with her also assault homes and steal vehicles .

This same band was implicated a few days ago in another “rollover” of a failed drug in the town of Las Torres de Cotillas in Murcia, where three people were arrested who were going to be victims of the theft and a marijuana plantation was discovered. The authors fled and yesterday they tried again in the province of Alicante.

Badly hurt

The alarms were fired in the Civil Guard after those involved left a badly wounded companion with three shots at the door of the Social Center of Monforte del Cid.

This injured was abandoned shortly after two o’clock in the afternoon at the Social Center of Monforte del Cid. They knocked on the door and when they opened some workers they found a man practically unconscious and wounded by a bullet.

From the Social Center, located next to a nursery school, they called at 112 at 2.20 pm and they immediately went to the actual place of the Civil Guard and a SAMU ambulance.

While waiting for the arrival of the health workers, the municipal workers introduced the wounded bullet in the center and tried to stop the bleeding that was suffering the victim.

According to the witnesses, the injured person helped in Monforte spoke incomprehensibly and only said “Spanish”. He had two shots in the abdomen and a third in the chest and once stabilized was evacuated in serious condition by the SAMU to the General Hospital of Alicante , where he was intervened urgently of the injuries suffered in the shooting.

Almost at the same time, another injured person was treated at the Crevillent Health Center. He presented blows and a bullet wound but more superficial, reason why he was transferred to the Hospital of the Vinalopó in Elche and was in the custody of the Civil Guard, reports Vicente López Deltell .

A van stolen the day before in Sucina (Murcia) was abandoned yesterday in Monforte del Cid for being involved in the shooting.

Two of the suspects, of Maghrebi origin, fled in a car of the Audi brand and were intercepted by agents of the Local Police of the Murcian town of Beniel.

Local agents of Beniel were lending their support to the operation of the Judicial Police of the Civil Guard of Murcia, which followed the trail to the narco robbers and arrested the suspects.

The Civil Guard does not rule out that more bullet wounds were recorded in the brawl.

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