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When are Brits Happiest ?

Written by on February 13, 2019

When are Brits Happiest ?

The average Briton is happiest at the ages of 70 and 16, researchers say.

The Resolution Foundation analysed seven years’ worth of survey data gathered by the Office of National Statistics.

Happiness and life-satisfaction levels were lowest among those in their mid-20s or aged 50.

But after 51, individuals experience a spike in feelings of higher self-worth and lower anxiety for the next two decades.

After examining surveys completed by millions of Britons between 2011 and 2019, the researchers found that having lots of cash, holding down a job and being in a relationship were key drivers of happiness.

Working as a member of the clergy made individuals the most cheerful. Professional athletes and air traffic controllers were the next happiest professions.

Northern Ireland residents were jollier than Londoners, the study found.

But the reason was unclear, and it came despite the country experiencing slow employment growth.

However after the age of 51, individuals experience a spike in feelings of higher selfworth and lower anxiety

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