A poll will decide which plants will be on the front of Paseo de Poniente

February 18, 2021
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The City Council will ask residents and visitors what type of plants they prefer for the garden areas of the Paseo de Poniente. An online survey through social networks and municipal website will reveal the three flower varieties that can best be adapted to this urban enclave.

The physiognomy of Paseo de Poniente will improve with the rehabilitation of its gardens. For this, the Department of Public Space requests the collaboration of citizens. This is what the councilor responsible for the area, José Ramón González de Zárate, who proposes, with this initiative, to meet three objectives. "The first, participation," he said, emphasizing that it will not be necessary to be registered in the city for this.

Second, the proposal seeks "the beautification" of one "of the most emblematic areas of the city". It should be remembered that the walk has been awarded on multiple occasions such as, for example, the Best New Global Design in 2010 by the Museum of Architecture and Design of Chigago (USA); or the Spanish Architecture Prize 2011, awarded by the Higher Council of the Colleges of Architects of Spain. Despite this, "we have to make it much prettier," insists González de Zárate and for this, the best thing is to "put a lot of flowers."

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The third of the objectives proposed by the municipal action is to contribute to the reduction of the carbon footprint and fight against the effects of climate change. “The plants - González de Zárate points out - help assimilate the combustion products of vehicles” and are a key element for the elimination of the CO2 that is released into the atmosphere.

The survey that can be completed by interested persons starting today, presents three floral varieties adapted "to the marine environment of the western heat zone." They do not require too much watering, which will achieve "significant water savings" and will combine its color with that of the promenade, which, the councilor points out, is one of its "main characteristics".

In the survey, the varieties 'asteriscus maritimus', typical of the Mediterranean, with their yellow flowers will be proposed; the 'red mesen', with bright and showy purple-pink flowers; and the 'kalanchoe', with different types of flowers of different colors.

To promote neighborhood collaboration, among the participants the City Council will raffle two weekend tickets for the next edition of the Low Festival, scheduled for the month of July. A proposal addressed "to our young people" so that they are encouraged to give their opinion.

Voting can be done throughout the month of February. The specimens of the species that obtain the greatest support from users of social networks and municipal websites will be planted along the entire Paseo de Poniente. An action that González de Zárate expects to be "fully completed" throughout the month of March.