Altea has a new promotional slogan to help deseasonalise tourism

September 22, 2022
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Altea City Council Tourism Department , managed by Xelo González, has today presented its new promotional spot with the slogan "Altea, you have to live it". The video can be viewed on Visit Altea's social media profiles, on the Town Hall's YouTube channel and will be taken to the various tourism fairs attended by the municipality.

The presentation of the spot was chaired by Jaume Llinares, mayor of Altea Town Council; Xelo González, councilor for Tourism, Herick Campos, general director of Tourism of the Generalitat Valencia, the producer of the company that created the spot, Lavidente Films; Ismael Martínez and his director, Jesús López Melgares and members of the Municipal Corporation.

In the presentation, the councilwoman explained that "the spot is accessible and fully inclusive, with an audio description in several languages, to bring Altea's image around the world. Our goal is for our municipality to be an open destination for all". And he added: "In this sense, visibility has been given to the four legs of the DTI, Intelligent Tourist Destination, to be able to de-seasonalize tourism, as are culture, cycling, nautical and nature. All this, combined with accessibility, inclusion and sustainability"

The spot begins with a couple sitting at a restaurant table in a hotel in Altea, the girl asks the boy, What about Altea?, then the boy imagines his visit to Altea making a trip through the gastronomy, heritage, festivals, traditions and products of the municipality, in addition to practicing sports activities, such as: cycling, sailing or hiking in nature. Then, when the boy stops having his flashback of the visit, the girl asks him. Listen? Listen? Listen? How about Altea? The young man laughs without being able to explain Altea in words, his laughter spreading to the young woman.

The producer Ismael Martínez reported that: "we felt listened to by the City Council, in our campaign we wanted to reflect the concept ''Altea, you have to live it" because we think that the tourist experience of the municipality deserves to be experienced by yourself and not explained to you. We are very happy with the result, since we could not fit all the images in a minute and a half, we hope to see each other's faces again to have the opportunity to show everything that has been left out".

For his part, the director of the spot, Jesús López Melgares: "I appreciate the trust of the Tourism Board and the collaborating companies. The spot is loaded with narrative, avoiding traditional descriptive campaigns"

Herick Campos, director general of Tourism of the Generalitat Valencia, in charge of closing the presentation, was grateful, "The announcement reflects the Mediterranean town that it is, its products of 0 kilometers, its culture, its sea, its nature , their white houses and their values. It also reflects his desire to de-seasonalize tourism with activities such as cycle tourism to maintain tourism throughout the year and Altea's sustainable tourism plan".

For the realization of tourist marketing and promotion actions of our municipality, the collaboration of the Department of New Technologies, headed by Pere Barber, has been counted on.