Benidorm commemorates World Mental Health Day

October 13, 2020
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Benidorm has joined for another year in the commemoration of World Mental Health Day, in which users of Mental Health services, their families and representatives of the municipal Corporation have participated, led by the mayor, Toni Pérez, and the councilor of Social Welfare, Ángela Llorca. After a floral pyrotechnics in the Plaza de SSMM Reyes de España organized by the Association of relatives of / and mentally ill people of the Marina Baixa (AFEM), Pedro Gurillo, psychiatrist of the regional hospital has proceeded to read a manifesto with which this Collective claims to allocate more resources to "prevention", "respectful recovery models", "more psychologists in Primary Care" and "more sheltered apartments". 

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Gurillo recalled that, as the United Nations Human Rights Council maintains, "there is no health without mental health," and remarked that "in 2030, mental health problems will be the number one cause of disability." In the manifesto, he also pointed out that the Covid-19 pandemic will bring consequences that "will directly affect the mental health of the population to a greater or lesser extent", and hence the importance of reinforcing the resources allocated to prevention and detection of pathologies from Primary Care.

After reading the manifesto, users and families have enjoyed a music and magic show in the City Hall Assembly Hall, adapted to health security protocols.