Benidorm reopens the deadline for aid to nightlife and increases the number of beneficiary activities

October 12, 2021
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The Local Government Board (JGL) of the Benidorm City Council has approved the reopening of the application period for aid to SMEs, micro-SMEs and small self-employed entrepreneurs who carry out their activity in nightlife and has extended as beneficiaries of these aid to other groups of activity "in order to minimize the economic impact of Covid-19 and reach the largest possible number of requests," as explained by the mayor of the city, Toni Pérez.

Thus, the proposal approved today reopens the application period until 22nd October and includes as beneficiaries the activities included in the previous call and new ones under the following headings:

According to municipal opening license:

  • 2.7.7 Multi-purpose premises
  • 2.8.6 Lounge - According to CNAE
  • 5621 Provision of meals prepared for events
  • 7021 Public relations and communication                                                                     
  • 7410 Specialized design activities                                                                  
  • 7311 Advertising agencies                                                                                              
  • 7721 Rental of leisure and sporting goods                                                       
  • 8230 Organization of conventions and fairs                                             
  • 9001 Performing Arts                                                                                              
  • 9002 Auxiliary activities to the performing arts                                              
  • 9003 Artistic and literary creation                                                                 
  • 9200 Gambling and betting activities                                           
  • 9329 Other recreational and entertainment activities                                                   

The objective of these grants, said Mayor Toni Pérez, has always been “to show our support and total support for the nightlife sector in view of the restrictions to which it has been subjected and being aware of the importance it has in the city". "With this action we intend" has continued "to reduce the economic impact of the pandemic in this sector, which has been more than evident throughout all these months."

The aid comes from a subsidy of €295,000 euros granted by the Alicante Provincial Council, through which each beneficiary company will receive 3,000 euros. As in the first call a total of 57 applications were attended and €168,233 euros were granted, there was a remainder pending execution of €127,366 euros, which will now be allocated to companies that request it in the new term.

In addition, the City Council will proceed to the ex officio review of the applications already submitted that were denied in case any of the files could be resolved in a favorable direction after the modifications.

The new term and the extension of activities for the aid will be published in the Official Gazette of the Province and in the Electronic Headquarters of the Benidorm City Council.

These aids can be attended by any company or self-employed with tax domicile in Benidorm that between 1st July 2020 and 30th June 2021 would have reduced the monthly average billing by at least 25% compared to the monthly average of 2019.

Toni Pérez has stressed that, once again "it is verified that from the beginning of the pandemic the City Council has derived and continues to derive all possible resources to maintain as far as we can the entire local productive fabric." The mayor has referred, in this sense, to nightlife, which he said "has been affected by permanent restrictions by supra-municipal administrations and is part of a tourism industry that has been brutally beaten."

Among the "eligible items" of these grants include expenses such as the self-employed fee, the monthly rent of the establishment, advisory and consultancy expenses and those related to energy, water, telephone, internet, security or maintenance contracts. equipment. Also, those related to loans for the acquisition of the business premises, its insurance, or those derived from the rental or acquisition of vehicles 100% related to the activity.