Café Olé and Benicolchón, winners of the #LuceBenidorm contest, with which nearly €950,000 have been injected into the productive fabric

November 26, 2021
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#LuceBenidorm #ShineBenidorm

The window dressing and decorating contest #LuceBenidorm, organised by the City Council and in which 2,347 establishments have participated, already has winners. Café Olé and Benicolchón have obtained the first prize respectively in the categories of 'Restoration' and 'Commerce'; a prize valued at €3,000 euros and which they received today from the mayor, Toni Pérez, and the Councilor for Commerce, Lorenzo Martínez. 

Both have visited all the establishments that have achieved the six prizes foreseen in the contest, three per category, valued at €3,000, €2,000 and €1,000 euros. Prizes to which a general access of €400 euros is added for the remaining 2,341 participating establishments.

As reported today by the mayor and the mayor of Commerce, the second prize in the category of 'Restoration' has been for La Cava Aragonesa, while The Beer has achieved third place. Regarding the 'Commerce' category, Belcoquet and Paco Charcuterie –located in the Municipal Market- have completed the list of winners.

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The mayor highlighted “the quality and involvement of the establishments in an initiative designed to inject resources into the local productive fabric, thus helping to mitigate, as far as possible, the increase in expenses that establishments must assume as a result of the rise in the cost of services and supplies, at a time when, in addition, the economic consequences of the pandemic remain latent ”. "#LuceBenidorm wanted the establishments of the city not to turn off, an objective that we hope has been met in all cases," he added. 

Through this initiative, the City Council has injected about €950,000 euros into the local productive fabric, "thus reinforcing the support policies for companies, SMEs and the self-employed in Benidorm, which have been constant since the pandemic broke out."