Terra Natura Benidorm has prepared a series of informative talks to commemorate World Rhino Day, which is celebrated today, September 22

September 22, 2022
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 The wild Indian rhinoceros population is experiencing some recovery at the conservation level. At least, that is what seems to indicate the increase in the population of this species over the last year, which has allowed India to go from 3,700 Indian rhinos to 4,014 wild individuals. This was highlighted this morning by the educators of Terra Natura Benidorm in the zoo experience activity , with which the cycle of thematic talks and workshops that they have prepared to commemorate World Rhino Day, which is celebrated today, is inaugurated.

The educational and informative programming, which has been configured to commemorate this day and raise awareness of the need to continue promoting the conservation of this species to consolidate populations in the wild, will continue next Saturday and Sunday. These activities will explain the main threats to these animals and curiosities about the four specimens that currently inhabit the Terra Natura Benidorm nature park.

Of all the existing species of rhinoceros, it seems that India is the only one that has managed to recover slightly, since in the case of rhinoceroses on the African continent, the opposite occurs. Specifically, of the five existing rhinoceros species, three are at high risk of extinction. The rhinoceros is one of the largest land animals in the world and its greatest threat is humans. 

Jaffna adaptive evolution

During the talks offered to the visiting public, the evolution and adaptation of Jaffna, the last Indian rhinoceros that arrived at Terra Natura Benidorm two months ago, will be discussed. Jaffna is affectionate and seeks pampering from his caregivers, just like his companions do.

During this time, he has strengthened his bond with the caregivers, who know his tastes and preferences. As a result of this knowledge, he has adapted Jaffna's diet by adding more grass hay and alfalfa, instead of fruits and vegetables as the rest of the animals in the park prefer.

Reference in the conservation of the rhinoceros

Terra Natura Benidorm is considered a benchmark center in the care, management and conservation of the Indian rhinoceros at a European level. In fact, it is the only Spanish park that has managed to reproduce the species on up to two occasions in its facilities. The last calf that was born in this center is three years old and already weighs around 1,000 kilos.