The Foietes Market has a new fence and improves accessibility

February 14, 2021
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The grounds of the Foietes Municipal Market has new metal fence along its entire façade. The fence protects the green space that surrounds the perimeter of the commercial area and improves the security and accessibility of access to a service that is used, every Wednesday, by thousands of people who come to make their purchases.

The Councilor for Commerce, Lorenzo Martínez, has highlighted the "convenience" of the action because "it beautifies and preserves the enclosure" and also allows "better control of access by municipal technicians and the private security service that ensure the quality of the facilities and of the products that are offered in them ”.

Martínez has specified that "160 meters of fence have been built, all that is the main facade." The action has tried to "maintain the same appearance of crossed slats" as the Foietes Park. A “solution of continuity” that integrates “even more the market in a neighbourhood as popular as Colonia Madrid”.

The forced closure of the municipal installation due to the restrictions caused by Covid-19 has been used by the Municipal Technical Services to install the fence without causing inconvenience to the users of the market.

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