The redevelopment works of the El Plà de l'Alfàs Park is in the tender period

August 05, 2022
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The remodeling project of the central public park of l'Alfàs del Pi El Plà is in the bidding process. An investment of 300,000 euros, which has a subsidy of 240,972.50 euros from the Plan + Cerca of the Provincial Council of Alicante . "Companies interested in its execution have time to present their offers until August 16", as reported this morning by the Town Planning Councilor, Toni Such. "We intend to adapt the park to the new urban quality standards, also improving its functionality, and gaining space for children with more play areas."

A project that has had to be re-tendered urgently, after the decision of the company - responsible for initially executing the works - to double the cost of the same, taking into account the global economic situation, for which "from the City Council from l'Alfàs del Pi we opted to prepare, urgently, the specifications and put out to tender again the rehabilitation of the park”, as explained by the Councilor for Urban Development, Toni Such. "The initial budget has been respected, an investment of 300,000 euros, we have a subsidy of just over 240,000 euros from the Provincial Council of Alicante and the deadline for submitting offers ends on August 16."

The children's play and recreation areas will be modernized, adapted and expanded, and universal accessibility to the park will be provided, reinforcing fundamental aspects such as safety and comfort. A more functional park a few meters from the Town Hall, House of Culture, Health Center and the main roads of the urban fabric, "by location and extension, the most central in the municipality, aimed at revitalizing the entire area" adds Such. “The main objective is to achieve a friendly and inclusive urban space. All the solutions are aligned to achieve greater reception capacity, promote residential uses and the total integration of the park with the surrounding road network, so that the citizen does not go to the park and access it, but passes through it naturally and stay awhile”.

In addition to equipping the entire space with street furniture and lighting, the two fundamental aspects are: the expansion and adaptation of the children's play areas in the 2,324 useful square meters of the park, and the enhancement of its tree mass, considered to be the main asset of the same , safeguarding and enhancing its landscape and environmental value, made up of olive trees, carob trees, poplars, ficus, palm trees and yuccas among other specimens.