The resurfacing plan goes into Calle Lepanto, Ibiza, Cuenca and Bernat de Sarrià Avenue

November 14, 2020
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Benidorm City Council will pave Calle Lepanto Street from Orts Llorca to Avenida de Europa and Calle Cuenca, roads that have been affected by the carrying out of works around them and the installation of different public services. This was announced by the Councilor for Public Space, José Ramón González de Zárate, at the meeting with neighbourhood residents.

González de Zárate has indicated that the action will conclude "before the end of the year", framed within the Asphalt and Accessibility Plan 2020 which, it should be remembered, has a budget of €1,700,000.

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The asphalt machines will not finish their work here. They will continue towards the confluence of Calle Ibiza with Hotel Pueblo, Calle Philippines, entering the Rincón de Loix from Avenida de Bernat de Sarrià.

Another municipal intervention also announced will be carried out shortly will be the construction of a third access lane from Avenida de Europa in the direction of Comunitat Valenciana, towards the orchard "without having to enter the roundabout" and without the need for make "no turn, or be in contact with other vehicles," stressed González de Zárate. An action, similar to the one carried out to facilitate access to the city for vehicles that take that same roundabout in the direction of Alfonso Puchades. With this, the mayor has emphasized, it is intended to "remove dangerousness" in the incorporation of vehicles.

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For its part, the person in charge of Citizen Participation has specified that both actions are "at the request of the neighbours." As a result of the periodic meetings that both councilors, together with those responsible for the Neighbourhood Council, hold with the neighborhood associations. Some very "important" neighbourhood meetings because "apart from the actions carried out by the administration - Ana Pellicer has had an impact - without the contributions, without the ideas and the day-to-day life of our neighbours, we could do little ourselves."

Pellicer has taken the opportunity to summon individual neighbourhood associations and residents who wish to participate next Thursday in a new meeting that will take place in the center, at the confluence of Calle Marte with Tomás Ortuño.

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