The Summer School returns with a wide recreational-educational proposal

May 14, 2022
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Programming will begin on June 27 and end on September 2

Terra Natura Benidorm have resumed the organisation of their Summer School, with a dynamic program based on carrying out experiences, which includes workshops and activities. It will take place from 27th June to 2nd September, coinciding with the beginning of the school year. Values ​​related to respect for the environment and conservation of biodiversity will be promoted.

Under the motto 'Know to love and respect', the new program will be developed in which the visit to the interior shelters of elephants, rhinoceroses, birds of prey, primates and reptiles, among other animals, stands out. In addition, workshops focused on biodiversity will be held, where the little ones can participate in environmental enrichment activities for animals, as well as a fun science workshop and a musical workshop, among other novelties.

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Another of the proposed workshops, called 'The Garden', will allow participants to work on healthy eating and its link with the environment. Crafts will play a predominant role in the designed programming. Different exploration routes will also be organised so that boys and girls can learn about the different species in the park and their singularities.

To these proposals, a visit to the veterinary clinic of Terra Natura Benidorm will be added, where the veterinarians and biologists of the park will show the little ones the care that is administered to the animals. All activities will be directed and under the supervision of expert professionals with full dedication, in a safe and controlled environment.

The Summer School's main objectives are to contribute to the reconciliation of work and family life during the summer season, and in turn to promote knowledge and dissemination of nature among children from an early age.

The activities are specially designed so that boys and girls learn about the curiosities and characteristics of the fauna and flora of the different continents, in a playful, entertaining and fun way. The actions that children will be able to do will allow them to foster their capacity for empathy, respect and solidarity not only towards animals, but also towards nature and society in general.

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A refreshing experience

The Summer School program will be completed with aquatic games at the Aqua Natura Benidorm water park. The games will be adapted to each age and water will be the protagonist in all of them. On the other hand, children will be able to visit the family of sea lions, with whom they will learn and interact.

At the School of Mermaids and Mermen they will be able to become these fantastic characters, enjoying an experience that combines physical activity and fantasy. Those responsible for education will take advantage of the visit to the water park to make children aware of the need to care for the marine ecosystem and the various species that inhabit it.

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