Ximo Puig calls for strengthening social and political unity in the fight against sexist violence

November 24, 2022
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The president of the Generalitat, Ximo Puig, has asked to strengthen the unity of all citizens, and especially of those who represent the popular will, "in the fight against sexist terrorism", a phenomenon which, despite the efforts made, " continues to be, without a doubt, the main problem that this society has".

On the eve of the celebration of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, the president made this call during his intervention in the control session of Les Corts, where he showed the "solidarity" of the entire Council with the minister of Equality, Irene Montero, before Vox's "uncivic" behavior manifested this Wednesday in Congress.

The head of the Council has pointed out that violence against women "begins when the word insults, threatens and degrades" and has regretted that this type of action occurs precisely in the seat of popular sovereignty.

For the president, "strengthening unity is the first step, without a doubt", to advance public policies to eradicate gender-based violence. In this sense, Puig highlighted that the Generalitat has worked in this direction "since the zero minute", with tools such as the Valencian Pact against Gender and Male Violence, which has completed five years and which it now wants to "reinforce and expand" .

The president has emphasized in this sense that the Council will continue to develop pioneering actions in Spain in the fight against sexist violence, and has referred to measures already achieved such as the equalisation of aid to victims of gender-based violence with victims of terrorism or the launch of "the largest network of assistance offices for victims of crime in Spain, which serves 70% of women who suffer sexist violence".

It is, as he said, a network that is complemented by the offices specialized in reports of violence in Valencia and Castelló de la Plana, to which the new one in Alicante has now been added.

In addition, it has also referred to the creation of integral forensic assessment units, unique in Spain, attached to each of the 16 gender violence courts, to the incorporation of regional psychosocial teams or specific training actions on gender violence to officials of the courts, as well as to all the staff of the crime victim assistance offices and the local police.

Ximo Puig has also referred, among others, to measures that include awareness-raising, prevention, education and detection of macho violence or professional intervention, support and psychosocial recovery for surviving women and their children.

Reform of the Penal Code

Regarding the reform of the Penal Code, the head of the Autonomous Executive has also remarked that "there is a very important Valencian contribution and that is that it has been included, for the first time, that the fact that murderers or any person hides the location of the victim's corpse to the relatives". 

This fact "will be classified as a crime against the moral integrity of families", and it is "an act of dignity and decency" that is produced by the fight of Marisol, the mother of Marta Calvo, to which the Generalitat has supported their claims, he recalled.