Ximo Puig praises the work of the Cevex centers that "connect" Valencians living abroad "with their culture and with their land"

March 17, 2023
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The President of the Generalitat, Ximo Puig, has received this Jew, in the Palace of the Generalitat, the representatives of the regional houses of the Valencian centers abroad (Cevex), who like every year visit Valencia on the occasion of the celebration of the Fallas.  

In his welcoming words, Ximo Puig praised "the Valencian spirit" that unites the Valencians who are abroad and assured that the Generalitat is working on the Valencian Return Strategy, designed with the collaboration of Cevex, so that the emigrants who they want to be able to come back

The president also highlighted that the Valencian Community is a "land of welcome, progress and well-being" and this year's celebration of Las Fallas and La Magdalena is a "reason for reunion" and "the expression of a great town that is beyond of the borders of the Valencian Community". 

Likewise, the head of the Council has affirmed that the initiatives that promote the Cevex centers connect with the Valencian Community and "it is important to keep them alive". Thus, he recalled some of them that "keep us close" such as the Marras of Mar del Plata and Buenos Aires, the paellas of the Casal Valenciano in Chile or the galas of the Casa Regional Valenciana in Paris, which has completed 75 years. 

In addition, he indicated that the Statute of Autonomy recognizes the work of these centers whose task "is vital" for the 157,000 Valencians who live abroad. 

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During the reception, the president of the Generalitat thanked the members of the 19 houses in America, the 8 headquarters in Europe, the house in Japan and the 14 houses located in Spain for their work and highlighted that they are "ambassadors of culture valenciana y un hilo de los valencianos con su tierra". 

Representatives of the Valencian Center of Mendoza (Argentina), the Valencian Center of Chile, the Valencian Center of Florida, the Valencian House in Washington, the Valencian Regional House of Paris (France), the Valencian Center of the Gran Sur Exterior have traveled to the Palau de la Generalitat Montpellier (France), House of Valencia in Zaragoza, House of Valencia in Gavà, House of the Valencian Community in Navarra, Valencian Cultural Association of Sant Antoni de Portmany-Ibiza, Falla "El Toro" in Calviá (Balearic Islands), House of Valencia in La Rioja, Colonia Forcallano-Catalana, House of Valencia in Cantabria and Valencian Regional House Virgen de los Desamparados.