Alicante closes to commercial traffic in three days

March 24, 2020
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There is normally over 300 flights a day but now there is only 5-6 commercial flights operating at Alicante airport allowing the last few British, Nordic and Germans tourists leaving. 

Alicante-Elche airport will close its doors to commercial traffic in the next three days - the facilities will continue to operate for emergencies and special flights - with the departure of the last planes to repatriate the few groups of tourists left on the Costa Blanca . Yesterday, the terminal only operated links to Oslo, Stockholm, Amsterdam, London and Barcelona. Today, they will leave for Kiev, Oslo, Stockholm, Düsseldorf, London and Stuttgart. The larger airlines such as Ryanair, Easyjet and are no longer flying from the airport.  

The airport will not close completely but from Wednesday operations will be limited to cargo planes, ambulances, emergencies and some passengers with special authorisation.

The UK government is considering the possibility of partially nationalising British Airways, which would the group that ownes it, IAG would split meaning Iberia and Vueling would not continue within the group according to The Sunday Times. Investment bank Rothschild may already be working on this possibility. The intention of the British government would be to inject capital into British Airways in exchange for tough demands such as limiting dividend payments or cutting bonuses for managers. Another hypothesis that is being considered is that London and Madrid jointly go to a global rescue for IAG, according to what Expansión reported yesterday. The British Government has announced its intention to offer aid worth 359.96 billion euros in guaranteed loans to the airline sector, an injection that some analysts point out as insufficient. have currently announced that it will resume operations in May, the plans of the rest are one unknown.