Benidorm and the UA will collaborate to develop a comprehensive management software for the beaches

November 26, 2020
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The project to be implemented in the city delves into the 'Benidorm DTI + insurance Plan' and part of a doctoral thesis

The Benidorm City Council and the University of Alicante (UA) are going to collaborate in the implementation of a research project that proposes the development of a comprehensive management software for the beaches, which will later be tested and validated in the cities beaches. At the proposal of the Councilors for Innovation and Beaches, Aida García Mayor and Mónica Gómez, the Local Government Board (JGL) approved the agreement between the two institutions, which establishes how the project will be implemented and validated.

The agreement has an expected duration of 24 months and upon completion "for 5 years" the City Council "will have a free right to the prototype of the computer application of the management system."

The person in charge of Beaches said that “last May, the City Council redefined the DTI Master Plan to adapt it to the new reality arising from the Covid-19 health crisis, to implement measures focused on recovering economic activity, attracting to tourism by generating that trust, and to provide vital support to the business and social fabric to arrive strengthened and to be better positioned when tourist activity recovers normality ”. Within this 'DTI + Seguro' there is “a line of action by Smart Beaches, in which progress has been made this summer through the 'Benidorm Beach Safety' project with which we guarantee the use of the beaches to the entire population in good conditions. of health security and in which technology played a very prominent role ”.

Now, through the project together with the UA, “in addition to the parameters and lines of action included in the DTI + Seguro Master Plan on which work is already underway, we want to develop a comprehensive management system that also pays attention to monitoring and supervision of the safety index, another of the lines of action of the Plan ”. Thus, the system to be developed "will at all times offer real information on the rescue and safety indicators, allowing a more efficient management of our beaches". These indicators are collected in the doctoral thesis 'Indices for beach management' by Antonio Palazón, based on the results of which the UA has proposed the development of management 'software'.

The Councilor for Innovation has stressed that "from the City Council we are going to make available to this project the human and technical resources necessary for the correct implementation of the prototype of the computer application, as well as the resources that we have available" .