Benidorm approves the 5th remittance of the 'Parenthesis Grants', and is close to the €2 million euros granted

May 12, 2021
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The Local Government Board (JGL) today approved the fifth batch of the 'Parenthesis Aid', aimed at self-employed workers and companies with up to 10 workers from a series of sectors affected by the pandemic set by the Generalitat Valenciana. The mayor, Toni Pérez, has indicated that "this fifth remittance amounts to €206,033 euros, with which we have practically reached the €2 million euros granted to date under this call."  

According to the data transferred by the mayor, "the average aid in this remittance is between €2,000 and €3,000 euros"; an economic injection "with which it is intended to contribute to the maintenance of the activity and employment of the companies and freelancers of Benidorm, which due to the pandemic are going through moments of difficulty". "Supporting the productive sector of Benidorm - he has stated - has been one of the priorities of this City Council since the health crisis broke out, which practically immediately led to a social and economic crisis; and for this, in the last 14 months we have promoted different measures to contribute to this end ”. 

In fact, in the first 12 months of the pandemic, the City Council injected more than €7.5 million euros into the local economy. "A trend that will continue throughout this year," he added.

Toni Pérez recalled that the 'Parenthesis Grants' are financed in three ways by the Generalitat Valenciana, the Alicante Provincial Council and the City Council itself; Benidorm being the fifth city in the region with the highest economic endowment. So far, with the five approved remittances, these benefits have reached 822 companies and professionals in Benidorm, practically 90% of the files resolved by the Technical Commission that is in charge of evaluating each of the requests.

The City Council decided to extend the application period for these grants, which lasted until April 26 to enable companies and freelancers who had not initially done so to participate in the process.

The list of professionals and merchants of the 5th consignment will be published shortly on the Notice Board of the municipal Electronic Headquarters ). From that moment on, the deadline for submitting appeals to the denial of aid is 30 days.