Benidorm Council approves the 4th remittance of municipal aid to families

April 15, 2021
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The Local Government Board (JGL) has approved the fourth batch of municipal aid to families, continuing with “the dynamics of weekly solving a new batch of this aid so that these resources reach the homes of Benidorm as soon as possible. they have been more affected by the economic and social crisis derived from the pandemic ”, as reported by the mayor, Toni Pérez.

This fourth remittance amounts to €94,500 euros and reaches 111 beneficiary households, who will receive benefits ranging between €600 and €1,350 euros. Pérez has indicated that "the first two remittances have already been paid in full, while the third will be settled throughout this week." To date, the Technical Commission that is in charge of evaluating and evaluating the applications has favorably resolved aid for a global amount of €358,100 euros.

The mayor recalled that "the 2021 budget initially included an endowment of €2.5 million euros for this aid in expandable items." However, "this amount is going to increase this endowment by 3 million euros more, from the savings obtained in 2020, so the endowment reserved to help the residents of Benidorm will amount to €5.5 million euros" .

Toni Pérez has stressed that “from the City Council we continue to provide our support to the population that is going through the worst at the moment, and trying to the extent possible to act in all cases of need, either through these aid direct or through the resources and programs of the Department of Social Welfare ”.

The fourth batch of the 2021 family aid will be published shortly on the Notice Board of the Electronic Office. The deadline for submitting appeals to the denial of municipal aid to families is 30 days from the publication of the resolution on the Notice Board of the Electronic Office. The appeal must be submitted through the Electronic Office ( ) through the specific section for this procedure. The procedure for the presentation of corrections is also carried out electronically at the same Electronic Office.