Benidorm finalises improvement in the surroundings of La Creu (The Cross)

February 28, 2021
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It now has street furniture, signage and new lighting

The works to adapt the area of ​​La Creu (The Cross) and its entrances are practically completed. The Creu viewpoint, 217 meters above sea level, is one of the most emblematic places in the city; a unique viewpoint in the Serra Gelada Natural Park.

From the Benidorm City Council, Mayor Toni Pérez stressed, "several actions have been developed in recent months to reafirm accessibility in one of the most visited points of the city." The objective is, specified the mayor, to achieve "a friendly, comfortable and accessible city to be fully enjoyed."

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From the Department of Public Space these days the actions in the viewpoint and its entrances are finished. The works, said the mayor, “have consisted of the contribution of a specific layer of paint on 675 linear meters of road and 1,350 square meters of surface, as well as the installation of three granite benches, two picnic benches that are added to the bench. labeled with the slogan #BenidormTeEspera ”. At the same time, he indicated, “signage has been developed in all sections and the installation of twenty-seven LED streetlights, from the access control in the roundabout of Pekin Street, to achieve lighting that allows you to enjoy the place longer and more easily. better conditions"•.

La Creu, Pérez recalled, "constitutes one of the emblematic points of the city and is the goal of healthy walks and physical activity routes that are carried out every day from different parts of Benidorm".

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Since September 2020, private vehicles cannot access La Creu and the final section of the climb has only been enabled for pedestrians, which allows you to enjoy a privileged environment and unique views over the Mediterranean and the Bay of Benidorm.

The Department of Historical Heritage has installed, in the surroundings of La Creu, two mupis with a piece of the history of the monument -in Spanish, Valencian and English- illustrated with images of the rise and placement, in 1961, of the cross original.

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The new cross is integrated into the Serra Gelada Natural Park and the accesses to the park, from the urban fabric of Benidorm, are developed through several streets on which action processes are also developed.

The works to improve accessibility on Avenida Alcalde Manuel Catalán Chana have already been completed, which began last December and which have allowed the avenue to regain its functionality and traffic directions. The actions carried out were included in the 'Improvement of road safety and accessibility 2020' project, which had an investment of €1.7 million euros.

For the mayor, Toni Pérez, these actions "are very important because they involve the transit of access to places as important as the Serra Gelada Natural Park and as emblematic as La Creu"

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On this avenue, the mayor pointed out, the actions have consisted "in the renovation and extension of the sidewalks that now offer 1.95 meters wide and curb at the top, which means safety and accessibility", adapting them to the regulations. At the same time, a new lighting system "that offers energy efficiency and economic savings" has been arranged.

The next action, announced the mayor, will take place on the continuation of the avenue, on Calle Sierra Dorada street, which follows the route at the main access to the Serra Gelada Natural Park and La Creu, with “the construction of sidewalks, which currently they are only painted on the asphalt, and the provision of new lighting ”.

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