Benidorm injects €50,000 euros 'extra' to aid for psychopedagogical treatments

January 18, 2021
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The Benidorm City Council is going to inject about €50,000 euros 'extra' to municipal aid for psychopedagogical treatments until it reaches almost €170,000 euros. The councilor for the area, Maite Moreno, pointed out that “initially we had reserved €120,000 euros for these grants, €10,000 euros more than last year. However, in view of the requests received that met the requirements, we have decided to expand the funds to serve the entire population of Infant, Primary and Secondary Education that needs this help, aimed at paying for part of the private treatments that these students receive to overcome learning and / or conduct difficulties or disorders ”.

As Moreno has detailed, the Local Government Board (JGL) has already approved the provisional resolution of these aid, which includes 120 beneficiaries and amounts to €154,407 euros. However, "in the claims period it is possible that a dozen applications were denied, so the final amount granted would be practically €167,500 euros."

The mayor has indicated that "as we have already advanced during the debate and approval of the municipal budget for 2021, the social spending items are expandable and therefore this government will increase them according to the needs to, as in this case, serve the population that needs it ”. "We do not want that, in a situation of economic crisis like the current one, any minor registered in Benidorm have to renounce their psycho-pedagogical treatments, so important for their development," he added.

Moreno explained that "the amount of aid granted ranges between €80 and €230 euros per month per beneficiary, depending on the treatment or number of treatments received by the minor." These grants will be effective for the period from February to December, both months included.

The treatments that can be paid for with these grants are those aimed at overcoming reading-writing and / or learning difficulties, improving oral language, treating school maladjustment and behavior disorders; as well as early stimulation in cases outside the Association's Early Attention service. In addition, as a novelty, this year it is also planned to serve students with high intellectual abilities.

Based on the provisional resolution of beneficiaries, 45.5% of the grants awarded will go to pay for learning treatments; 27.1%, to language treatments; 15.8%, conduct; ý 10.8%, at early stimulation. The councilor recalled that "this year for the first time we have also included in these aids the care treatments for highly capable students", which represent 0.8% of the benefits granted.