Benidorm is putting out to tender the work of the first two EDUSI projects: improvement and accessibility in Foietes and Els Tolls

June 11, 2021
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Benidorm City Council has already put out to tender the execution of what will be the first two projects included in the Sustainable and Integrative Urban Development Strategy (EDUSI) to see the light: those of 'Improvement of pedestrian mobility and accessibility' in the upper part de Foietes and in the western area of ​​Els Tolls. The Local Government Board (JGL) approved on Friday the tender for both projects, which is already published in the State Procurement Platform and which in sum exceed €2.6 million euros of investment. 

The mayor, Toni Pérez, explained that “in synthesis, the objective of both projects is the same: to promote sustainable mobility by generating wider, safer and more accessible sidewalks that invite citizens to walk the routes that they currently take with their private vehicles. or do it with alternative means of transport such as bicycles; at the same time we renew the urban scene and improve the image of both areas ”. Despite this common objective, he specified that "when defining each project, the particularities and needs of each of these areas have been taken into account". 

Thus, the project for the upper area of ​​Foietes is valued at €556,139.86 euros and comprises the area between Estació, Capitán Cortés, Rejoneador Ginés Cartagena streets and Plaza del Prelado Antonio Bayona. "We are talking about an area with a significant volume of residents and pedestrian traffic due to the proximity of three schools and the 'Guillermo Amor' Sports City and in which to date no major renovation interventions have been carried out in the urban scene." 

Broadly speaking, the work plans to "increase the size of the sidewalks between 50 centimeters and one meter depending on the section, reducing the width of the road on the three streets and thus adapting the pedestrian areas to the accessibility regulations". The pavement and lighting will also be renewed, and all water and telecommunications services will be channeled. The “most emblematic and visual” performance will take place in the Plaza del Prelado Antonio Bayona, which “will be completely renovated following the model of the nearby Polop street, making access to homes fully accessible, gaining pedestrian space and generating green areas and shadow ”. The execution period of the work is 11 months. 

Regarding the 'Improvement of pedestrian mobility and accessibility' in Els Tolls, this project translates into an investment of €2,077,976.55 euros and encompasses all the existing space between Andalusia, France, England and Italy avenues , where "a comprehensive renovation" will be carried out, reaching "public space, accessibility, drinking water, rainwater, sewerage and lighting."

Also in this case, wider sidewalks will be generated, respecting the existing trees and improving accessibility. To do this, it is proposed to eliminate double traffic directions to gain pedestrian space and thus reduce at the same time the danger of crossings located in this area. "We won in road safety, comfort, pedestrian space, image and services in a residential neighborhood in which there are also various public services and also high-traffic school areas," he added. 

The execution period for this project is 15 months. 

With the bidding for both projects, “we are making progress - the mayor remarked - in the processing and development of our EDUSI, for which a grant of European funds of 10 million euros has been obtained and in which there are actions for an amount €23 million, all of them focused on improving the quality of life of the people of Benidorma through the improvement of access to information technologies (ICT), the reduction of CO2 emissions, the protection of the environment and the fight against inequality and poverty through inclusion policies ”. "It is a great city project", he stressed.

Toni Pérez has indicated that “although these two projects are the first to be materialized, we have already begun to process two other large-scale actions such as the construction of a youth hostel, a camping area and an interpretation center in the Parque de the Séquia Mare; and the rehabilitation of the bullring and the creation of new cultural and social spaces in its surroundings, the most iconic work of all those collected in the EDUSI and that due to its size will require a longer execution time ”. 

It is expected that in the coming weeks the final proposal for the rehabilitation of the bullring and the construction of the new building will be chosen from among the 8 that have reached the final phase of the public tender called for the drafting of the basic and execution project of these infrastructures. Also in a very advanced phase is the competition called in the same direction for the shelter and interpretation center in Séquia Mare.