Benidorm to promote that it's a safe destination to holiday

May 15, 2020
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Benidorm now faces the challenge of making tourist believe it is ​​a safe destination. The national market is initially seen as the one that will return first.  

Visit Benidorm is preparing a series of reports that allow them to have data on which to base their future global strategy.

Leire Bilbao from Visit Benidorm said, " we will have to work hard on changing the perception of over crowded beaches that Benidorm sometimes has, we will have to minimize the memory of normality, and imposing the new normality". He went on to say that "The images of an overflowing Levante beach will no longer be shown until there is a vaccine. The most important work of all destinations, not just Benidorm, is to demonstrate that we are complying with protocols and minimising risks. For this reason it is very important to do things well, in order to generate that confidence in the professionalism of companies and of the destination".

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Based on the GFK survey, 69% of Spaniards are determined to travel the country, with 70% of the national market opting for nearby destinations. The profile is quite defined, since also the majority, 65%, would travel by car compared to public transport. However, in the analysis of the data referring to flight searches, in the last week of April, demand has increased for the Alicante-Elche airport. It was 5,254 (from April 20 to 27) to 8,366 (from April 27 to 30), the highest volume since the pandemic began, but very far from the data recorded in 2019 for the same period: 73,414 and 10,793, respectively.

Even though international flights do not yet have a date for their return, Visit Benidorm continues to monitor the main foreign markets. It should also be noted that around 50% of tourists who visit the city arrive outside of Spanish borders. The leader of these is the British. According to the BVA-BDRC survey of April 24, 35% are giving up their vacations at the moment; 27% delay their vacations; 26% still have doubts, while 12% maintain their travel plans.

Regarding their trips to Spain, 22% of British searches are aimed at our country, with Benidorm being the number one destination searched. In attention to, say October and November are the number one months that people are considering.

Although no tourism is taking place now and is unlikely to do so for a number of months because not only are international travellers not allowed in but no travel is currently allowed in or out of it's own health district which is currently in Phase-1 of the de-escaltion plan.

Benidorm is working on building future tourist confidence by showing the city is following all health procedures and implementing all covid-19 rules and regulations as outlined by the government.