Benidorm will contribute €95,000 euros to parishes to care for people in vulnerable situations

April 08, 2021
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Benidorm City Council is going to deliver $95,000 euros to six parishes of the city for the development of their care programs for people in vulnerable situations, "reinforcing the work of delivering food to families affected by the effects of the pandemic", has informed the mayor, Toni Pérez. Thus, the parish of Sant Jaume i Santa Ana will receive €20,000 euros, while the churches of Nuestra Señora del Mar, El Buen Pastor, Nuestra Señora de La Almudena, San Juan Bautista and Nuestra Señora del Carmen will receive €15,000 euros each.

The mayor has indicated that "with the signing of agreements with these parishes we are following the line of action that we undertook last year, in which €188,500 euros were delivered to social entities that collaborate in the distribution of food from the Food Bank." The first contribution to the city's parishes “was made during the initial weeks of the pandemic, in a state of alarm; while the second, in which other social entities also participated, materialized at the beginning of December ”.

"At this time - he has deepened - this need for help and attention persists, since the lack of tourist activity linked to the closure of shops and businesses has caused situations of social and economic vulnerability to continue and even in many cases have aggravated".

“Hence, while waiting for other administrations to help the population and the productive fabric, the City Council continues to mobilize the necessary economic resources so that hope continues to reach homes and to contribute together to overcome this moment of great difficulty ”, he stressed. To this end, “actions such as direct aid launched in 2021 to assist families, for which 2.5 million euros have been initially mobilized and which have already begun to be resolved, will continue to be promoted; or supporting the work of social entities through agreements such as the ones that we will sign with the parishes in the coming days ”.

The mayor has remarked that this contribution of €95,000 euros to the parishes "will allow to expand the radius of attention to people who are in a situation of vulnerability and who are, therefore, those who are suffering the most from the effects of this health, social and economic crisis. economic ”. With this contribution, "the parishes will acquire fresh products and basic necessities and hygiene, thus complementing the action and attention to these people carried out by the Department of Social Welfare through various programs and grants, some of an ordinary nature and others launched to meet urgent needs derived from the pandemic ”.

Specifically, during last year, the Department delivered food vouchers for the acquisition of fresh and / or 1st necessity products in supermarkets in the city for a total amount of €100,000 euros; allocated €250,000 euros to PEI's (Individual Economic Benefits) for Covid; and during the confinement invested €15,000 euros in the food delivery service for people at risk. In addition, during the hardest period of confinement, he set up a shelter for the homeless to which €80,000 euros were allocated.