Covid-19 Local News Headlines

March 25, 2020
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ALBIR: The l' Albir Health Center closes to the public from today, Wednesday 25th March. The Ministry of Health says if you need immediate medical attention you can consult by the telephone on: 966 870 080 or 966 870 082. 

LA NUCIA: During the current state of sanitary emergency, the "Food Program" in La Nucía continues to function and has been reinforced due to the possibility that there will be more demand during this "Coronavirus crisis". All vulnerable people who require this municipal service should contact the Social Welfare department (96 689 73 30). This department is grateful for the solidarity donations that the "Food Program" is receiving from companies such as Frutas Ma

ALTEA: The water concession company in Altea, Aigües d'Altea has implemented a Contingency Plan that includes self-protection measures, recommended by the sanitary and municipal authorities, which guarantees the supply and sanitation of water during the health alert by COVID- 19. 

Jaume Llinares , mayor of Altea, has announced the decision of the Government Team to suspend the payment of municipal fees and taxes in the course of the State of Alarm, decreed by the Government of the Nation as a result of COVID-19.

BENIDORM: The municipal Social Services are handling the cases of people who need psychological help that have been detected as a result of the launch of the Collective Help Network (RAC) promoted by the City Council to guarantee basic care to those who need it most during the coronavirus crisis. As explained by the mayor,  Toni Pérez , "in the days that the #RAC has been in operation, people who required more specific and professional attention or help than the one offered by the program have contacted us." 

The Benidorm Local Police will carry out drone flights in the scattered rural and residential areas of Benidorm to check that they are also complying in these parts of the city with the confinement decreed by the the Spanish Government as a consequence of the coronavirus crisis. 

The Benidorm City Council has adopted "the first economic measures to alleviate the tax burden on citizens, the self-employed and companies while the state of alarm decreed by the crisis and as long as the coronavirus lasts," as explained by the mayor, Toni Pérez . A decree signed on Monday includes "a series of measures that affect the payment of deferrals and installments granted by the City Council, as well as opening licenses and settlements made by the local Administration".