'El Turista Accidental', a tribute to the tourists of Benidorm.

July 18, 2021
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The exhibition entitled "The accidental tourist" arrives at the Boca del Calvari Museum, which includes a photograph of Cristina de Middel from Alicante, María Moldes from Galicia, and the British in love with Benidorm, Martin Parr.

The object of the exhibition is mass tourism and its impact on the urban landscape of Benidorm and on those who reside in the city, reflecting essentiality and an uninhibited image of Benidorm that the three artists know in detail, according to the curators of the exhibition Rafa Soria and David Trujillo.

At the opening of the exhibition, the Councilor for Historical Heritage, Ana Pellicer, stressed that "the Boca del Calvari Museum houses a tribute to tourists from Benidorm", highlighting that the level of the exhibition deserves an opening party that conditions the restrictions current health. Parr and De Middel are photographers with the prestigious Magnum Agency and Moldes is also a multi-award winning international reference photographer.

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The mayor of Benidorm, Toni Pérez, highlighted that the three artists have contributed their production for a top-level show of three lovers of Benidorm in "a commitment to the cultural field" like the one that Benidorm is doing this summer with photographs "which is coming reflecting the hope of a people to come out of this experience in which they have never lowered their arms and have always remained active ”.

This exhibition “with an international trajectory”, pointed out Pérez, “gathers the soul of people in love with Benidorm who find happiness in Benidorm”. For the mayor, in the photographs on display “there is the singularity that we all see but that they have managed to capture; the captured moment that passes into eternity and reflects emotions such as happiness ”.

The Boca del Calvari Museum exhibits on its 3 floors the works of the three artists who, the mayor stressed, “use three absolutely different methods to capture their snapshots: analog, digital and Smartphone, mastering the technique until taking photography as a way of making art ”.

Together they are three photographic series born from different approaches but that converge in the daily reality that usually goes unnoticed. The three series motivate a balanced trip where tourists and residents, accidental tourists, travel in a city where vacations, as reflected by the curators of the exhibition, never end.

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From Cristina De Middel, National Photography Prize 2017, the series' I love Benidorm ”is exhibited; by the psychologist and photographer María Moldes, the show features the series “Scenes from radioactive life” and by Martin Parr, the photography revolutionary documenting the “kitsch” side of reality, a documentary series of visual experiences captured in the city .

The exhibition will remain open until 17th October at the Boca del Calvari Museum from 3pm - 10pm, and the security measures and protocols in force in the Valencian Community must be respected. On Friday the 15th the exhibition will open, after the inaugural opening, from 5pm - 10pm.

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