L'Alfàs renews the obsolete sewage network of an important residential area of ​​l'Albir

May 13, 2022
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As part of the Investment Plan for the Alfàs del Pi sewage network, the City Council has started renovation works and the provision of basic infrastructure in an important residential area of ​​l'Albir, specifically in the streets Riu Girona, Riu Vinalopó , Riu Amadorio and Riu Serpis. In total, an investment of 179,472.18 euros and an execution period of four months, as reported this morning by the mayor of l'Alfàs del Pi, Vicente Arques, in a technical visit carried out together with the Councilor for Technical Services, Oscar Pérez, municipal operatives and representatives of Hidraqua and the company responsible for the project, SRS Consultoría Técnica SL

It is an action framed in the Investment and Optimization Plan underway, which includes the entire sewerage and stormwater network of the municipal area, as Arques has highlighted. The project carried out by a company from l'Albir – SRS, Consultoría Técnica, SL- renews an obsolete sanitation system and affects an important residential area, with around 30 homes, responding to sustainable environmental management needs of basic infrastructure in general and wastewater in particular. Works approved by the Governing Board awarded to Hidraqua, Gestión Integral de Aguas de Levante SA carried out with the investments of the 'Management of the Sewage Service of the Municipality of l'Alfàs' contract.

The renovation and fine-tuning of all the basic infrastructures in these four streets is due to the Investment and Optimization Plan for the network throughout the Municipal District. A plan that details all the tasks that the concessionaire must fulfill by contract: cleaning of the facilities, inspection and rehabilitation of networks, disinsection, control of spills, cartography and geographic information system, conservation and maintenance... and where it includes a plan of investments. It is precisely in l'Albir where with actions such as these, the elimination of septic tanks and the connection to sewage and rainwater networks is carried out. According to the technical reports, the project contemplates the execution of a sanitation network of 416 linear meters, consisting of a 315 mm diameter pipe that will run along public roads, the execution of 11 manholes made up of prefabricated concrete elements, and the execution of 28 household connections to the sanitation network to provide service to existing homes. It also includes the paving of the affected roads, with asphalt paving and the subsequent horizontal and vertical road signs with the aim of improving road safety throughout the area.