La Vuelta Stage 2 Benidorm - Calp

August 25, 2019
25 August
The Tour passes today (Sunday) through Benidorm.
The town will host the 2nd stage of the next Tour of Spain. The city will be the starting point of a day that will end in Calpe and pass through places like Callosa, Benimantell, Alcoy and Confrides. 
Map of the Stage 2 route
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Great moments in the history of the Tour

In 1935 a total of 50 brave people began the first Tour of Spain in Madrid. They ran with heavy iron bicycles and carried their patches and tools to fix the breakdowns themselves. The Belgian Gustaaf Deloor was the first winner. These first brave ones traveled a total of 3,425 kilometers from the 29 of opening to May 15 in fourteen endless stages, of which ten exceeded 250 killometers. The civil war interrupted the celebration of the race. It was not disputed again until 1941 with an especially Spanish participation, since World War II diminished the presence of foreign runners.
Since then the race has toured Spain and has provoked the admiration of citizens for this popular sport that has created authentic myths. Anquetil, Pulidor, Jan Janssen, Gimondi, Ocaña, Merkx, Fuente, Hinault, Pedro Delgado, Tony Rominger, Abrahan Olano, Jan Ullrich, Alejandro Valverde and Alberto Contador are some of the winners of the Tour. Others like Bahamontes or Indurain did not win it, but they did exhibit their qualities and went up to the podium.
The old iron bicycles have been replaced by modern machines that fiber and light materials. Telephone conferences to publicize the world have been replaced by television, satellite and email. There have been many sports and technical changes, but the goal is the same: to be the first in the goal in the most important race in Spain and one of the biggest in the world. This is the story of that career that began more than 75 years ago.

1 14' 51''
2 +0''
3 +0''
4 +0''
5 +0''
6 +0''
7 +2''
8 +2''
9 +2''
10 +2''
1 14' 51''
2 +2''
3 +5''
4 +7''
5 +13''
6 +15''
7 +16''
8 +16''
9 +18''
10 +19'