Lab Nucia offers free online English classes to its "labworkers"

February 25, 2022
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Lab_Nucia incorporates a new online conversation class service in English for the 40 "young companies" and "startups" that work at the La Nucia Business Laboratory . Users will be able to exercise their English through an online platform for free, called "Zoomversation". One more service of the La Nucía Business Laboratory, which next May will celebrate 3 years of operation and promotion of entrepreneurship.

These English learning sessions, "Zoomversation", are organised by " England at home " with the collaboration of the Department of Commerce of La Nucía . Lab Nucia continues to increase services and facilities to the 40 companies and entrepreneurs that have their headquarters there. Anyone interested can sign up at

The presentation of this innovative service took place at Lab Nucia and was attended by Pedro Barbera , head and creator of Zoomversation, and Frederick J. Herweljer , Councilor for Commerce of La Nucia. 

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Zoom version
"Zoomversation" is an English practice method based on theatrical learning techniques, based on dynamism, spontaneity and fun. They are short sessions of 20 minutes where the user is carried away by improvisation in English. Through this English practice system, vocabulary and linguistic resources are worked on , grammatical structures are expanded, and agility is encouraged to favor the spontaneity of the use of English. 

The session is structured in three parts: Pre Class , where before the class the students have prior consultation content, vocabulary and constructions as well as expressions and other linguistic resources to be able to prepare for the class. During Class : During the class, these concepts are used in an extended and group way in a spontaneous and agile way, favoring fluency in real environments. Post Class : Where the student is offered a video challenge. This video is corrected by the teacher in detail individually for each student. Interested labworkers can now sign up at .