New extraordinary cleaning and disinfection campaign in all neighbourhoods of Benidorm

January 15, 2021
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The works are carried out by a special brigade made up of 6 operators and 3 vehicles from the FCC concessionaire

The Department of Street Cleaning has started an extraordinary cleaning and disinfection campaign that in a few days will cover all the neighbourhoods of the city. This was announced by the Councilor for Road Cleaning, José Ramón González de Zárate, who also pointed out that the action "will not reduce the work carried out daily in parks, schools, bus stops or senior centers".

This morning, while the operators of the road cleaning concession company, FCC, were working in the neighborhood of Foietes, González de Zárate clarified that each shift of the special brigade “is made up of six specialists and three vehicles: one of flushing, another for disinfection and a sweeper ”.

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"In the first place - he specified - the flushing machine" cleans the road, even from under parked vehicles. The dirt is removed by the sweeper and finally an environmental biocide, disinfectant, bactericidal and fungicidal product is nebulized ”. After the brigade has passed, the operators of the regular cleaning shift go over the route and empty the bins into the bucket trolley.

González de Zárate has emphasized that this extraordinary campaign does not imply "at all a reduction in the daily cleaning service of the city", nor will it cost "not one euro more to the municipal coffers", since it is "an action that from the City Council and the concessionaire we have believed necessary given the current health emergency situation in which we must all collaborate to overcome ”.

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For this reason, the Department of Street Cleaning, has requested the collaboration of the Neighbourhood Council, so that they coordinate with the neighbourhood associations and "can communicate any incident or request any additional action in the neighborhoods." The works that have started in the Madrid neighborhood will continue along Alfredo Corral, avenues de Beniardá, Jaime I and Armada Española until reaching La Cala. Next, the brigade "will move to the remaining areas of Benidorm." The extraordinary cleaning campaign will last for more than three weeks and will reach “absolutely every neighborhood in the city”.

"What we want - De Zárate has emphasized - is a total disinfection of all of Benidorm". The mayor has asked citizens to "take care" by leaving home as little as possible and "maintaining a safe distance and protection", although the City Council "throws all the meat on the grill" with actions such as this extraordinary campaign.

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