Social Welfare launches a questionnaire to start the preparation of the II LGTBI + Municipal Plan

September 14, 2021
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Department of Social Welfare has begun work to develop the 2nd Municipal Plan for the LGTBI + group of Benidorm with the launch of a questionnaire in Spanish, Valencian and English. It is a diagnostic process with the aim of detecting the needs and establishing a work plan for the next four years, according to the Councilor Angela Llorca, who stressed that the City Council "continues working to give visibility to diversity and defend LGTBI + rights, as has been developed in the first Plan in 2016 ”.

In order to plan actions to "promote, defend and guarantee equal rights and freedoms, as well as the social recognition of this group," the City Council wants to involve the population and LGTBI + associations in community participation.

For this, an anonymous online questionnaire prepared in Spanish, Valencian and English is launched, which will serve to complete the first phase, that of the diagnosis, of the aforementioned II LGTBI + Municipal Plan.

From the answers, the statistics that reflect the current starting situation that the group lives in Benidorm will be extracted. Llorca has encouraged citizens, local associations, young people, educational centers, health centers, justice and public security professionals to "participate by answering the questionnaire that will only take five minutes."

The work areas of the II LGTBI + Municipal Plan will be the following: Municipal Organization Area, Education, Awareness and Prevention Area, Comprehensive Health and Social Intervention Area,

Participation Area, Safety and Integrity Area and City Area.

The questionnaire can be filled out by clicking on any of the following links:

Spanish:  Click Here
Valencian: Click Here
English: Click Here