The Boca del Calvari hosts 'The look of the other', Alicante contemporary portrait painting

January 19, 2021
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The Boca del Calvari Museum will host from now until 15th March the collective exhibition 'The look of the other. Contemporary portraiture of Alicante painting 'in which Rosalía Banent, Ormar Arráez, Víctor Cámara, Xavi García, Ut Walden, Carlos Llorens, Hunter87 and Silvia Viana participate, eight leading artists from the southern regions of the Valencian Community.

The mayor of Benidorm, Toni Pérez, and the Councilor for Historical Heritage, Ana Pellicer, have toured the exhibition hours before its official opening, together with the curator of the exhibition, Alicia Lamarca, some authors and municipal technicians. "A cast of artists - Pellicer pointed out - that give our museum even more level" that, exhibition after exhibition show the quality taken by art, culture and, in this case "painting, portraiture in our city" .

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The Councilor for Historical Heritage recalled that admission to the exhibition is free. It can be visited by anyone who wishes as long as "the security measures, the capacity, the use of a mask and the hydroalcoholic gel" that are at the entrance of the municipal facility are complied with, as required by current health regulations due to Covid -19.

Ana Pellicer wanted to thank Alicia Lamarca for the work done with this "and each one of the exhibitions that we carry out in the Espai d'Art Urbà in our city" because she has managed to "take the #BenidormExpone" label to the highest category. that includes all the exhibitions programmed by the City Council.

For her part, Alicia Lamarca has emphasized that all the participants in the collective sample are "born or artists who have developed their work" in the province of Alicante and, among them, two from Benidormenses: Carlos Llorens and Ut Walden. He has pointed out that he is "a collector of old magazines" through which he "creates portraits." Of the second, his abstract art stands out “through the 'action painting' or action painting 'with which he creates the work and,“ later through the gestures of the painting on the canvas ”, all the movement and expressiveness of the picture.

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Regarding Omar Arráez, Lamarca points out that "through the role of the folds and the lighting" he manages to create the face of the character. De Hunter87, highlights his specialization in urban art as demonstrated in "the series about the sailors of La Vila." Regarding Xavi García, his domain of abstract art "very material" that presents the character and shows "his concerns towards today's society." Regarding Rosalía Banet, she has underlined the development “of the duality that society creates” in people who burden them with “a lot of stress because one thing is what one is and another what society expects us to be”.

Continuing with his description, by Silvia Viana, Lamarca has highlighted his "classic technique" with a "very political and social message" and Víctor Cámara, how he perceives the 21st century, "analyzes and shapes it with his point of view in which there is room for a point of humor ”.

Finally, Fernando Maiques, a technician of the Department, has specified that with 'The look of the other' begins "the agenda of the 2021 course in the Boca del Calvari" with "very original" works that, has been convinced "to people are going to love it ”.