The demolition of the property begins that will allow the City Council to expand the final section of La Garita street

September 13, 2021
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Today, Monday, the demolition on Calle Tomás Ortuño began, a demolition that will allow the City Council to take possession of 60 square meters of land that this property occupied on La Garita street to expand the final section of this road. The Councilor for Urbanism, Lourdes Caselles, recalled that "the City Council signed an expropriation agreement by mutual agreement to take possession of this strip of land on La Garita street and complete the urbanization of this street in accordance with what is established in the General Plan" . 

Caselles has clarified that the 1990 General Plan “foresees the same alignment and layout for the entire La Garita street; an alignment that was not fulfilled since the building that today has begun to be demolished - prior to the urban document - occupied part of the surface that should be a public road. " Now, "once those 60 square meters have been expropriated and the demolition of the property completed, the street will be able to have the expected width and alignment". 

The mayor has indicated that "based on the expropriation agreement, the City Council has paid €59,025.92 for the acquisition of that land to the property, which is the one that bears the demolition costs." Subsequently, “once the property completes the construction of a new property on the resulting plot, in accordance with the General Plan, the City Council will carry out the urbanisation work, with which the width of this section of the street will be expanded. La Garita leaving it with the same aesthetics and dimensions as the rest of the street ”.

Caselles has clarified that "the urbanization work will be done a posteriori, once the transit of trucks and other machinery that is needed for the construction of the new building is finished." 

The person in charge of Urban Planning recalled that “with this action the urbanization of La Garita street will be completed, whose renovation in the section between Ramos Carratalá and Los Almendros avenue was recently completed, and by extension the updating of the El Calvari neighborhood, winning more and more space for 100% accessible pedestrian mobility ”.