The Department of Education organises multiple scientific outreach activities in Malladeta to celebrate the autumn equinox

September 22, 2022
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The Department of Education of the City Council of Vila Joiosa and Vilamuseu, together with the Grup Ecologista Xoriguer, MUDIC and El Caleidoscopio de la Universidad Miguel Hernández, have organised a series of outreach activities for September 23, coinciding with the beginning of autumn. science for all audiences within the framework of the European project "the Mediterranean Night of Researchers" or Mednight.

The chosen place is the Malladeta de la Vila Joiosa, an enclave of great value for the History of Science in Spain and in the Mediterranean. Archaeoastronomy, psychiatry and the natural and environmental characteristics of the environment will be the thematic core of the activities, where there will be workshops, talks, guided tours and astronomical observations.

During the morning and aimed at schoolchildren, María del Carmen Perea from the Interactive Didactic Museum of Sciences MUDIC-UMH, has prepared a workshop on flora and fauna and another on daytime astronomical observation. In parallel, part of the students will take a walk around the Malladeta to visit the area, the Ibero-Roman Sanctuary, the Tower of Dr. Esquerdo and the Vila Giacomina, with an explanation by Iván Llorca, President of the Official Association of Guides of the Valencian Community. These same activities will be repeated at 5:00 p.m. for the general public.

At 7:30 p.m. the talks will begin, the first of which will be given by Antonio Espinosa, Director of Vilamuseu, who will introduce us to the scientific knowledge of the 5th century BC vilers with his explanation of “the Iberian-Roman sanctuary of the Malladeta in the Mediterranean Science of antiquity”. Next, Jaume Vaello from GE Xoriguer will present his book 'Arbres i formacions arbòries a la Vila Joiosa', a documentation work with more than 800 photographs to learn about the past, present and future of the environment of this characteristic Mediterranean town. At the end of the talks and after sunset, the attendees will be able to enjoy observing the stars in the moonless sky on the night of the 23rd, again at the hands of MUDIC.

People who wish to participate in these activities, all of them free, must register in advance through the following link: Click Here

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The Mediterranean Faces of Science

In addition, on September 30, the exhibition "The Mediterranean Faces of Science" will be inaugurated at the Chalet Centella, coinciding with the simultaneous celebration in more than 400 European cities of the "European Night of Research". An exhibition that will present the research of 27 scientists from 18 Mediterranean countries. This exhibition is ceded by El Kaleidoscopio to the Vila Joiosa Town Council, where it is about making visible the figure of female researchers in the Mare Nostrum and especially around the four areas of special interest in Mediterranean Science: Sea and pollution, Life and health, climate and clean energies and diet and food.

Mednight has the participation of 10 institutions in a consortium: FISABIO, INCLIVA, CSIC, MUDIC, El Kaleidoscopio, SciCo Cyprus, the University of Messina, the Kadir Has University of Istanbul and the European Association of Women Rectors (EWORA), under the coordination from SciCo Greece. Mednight has received funding from the European Union thanks to the "Marie Sk?odowska-Curie Actions and Citizenship" call of the "Horizon Europe" programme.