The General Board of the Marina Baixa Water Supply Consortium approves the request for water resources from the Vila Joiosa City Council for the development of PP-37

August 05, 2022
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he mayor of Vila Joiosa, Andreu Verdú; and the mayor of Urbanism and Integral Cycle of the Water, Pedro Alemany attended the Extraordinary Session of the General Meeting of the Consortium for Water Supply of the Marina Baixa that took place in the Diputación de Alicante.

The agenda of the session included in point 5 the request for water resources for the municipality of Vila Joiosa, at the request of the City Council, for the proper management of the urban actions of the PAI sector PP-37 Montesol 2.

"For the purpose of the urban development of this sector, the pertinent favorable reports are needed, so that once it is approved in the Marina Baixa Water Consortium, it can be transferred to the Júcar Hydrographic Confederation", explains the mayor of Aguas de la Vila Joiosa. Pedro Alemany. “In these petitions, the existence of sufficient water resources must be recognized by the Marina Baixa consortium”, details the mayor.

The allocation approved yesterday during the extraordinary session of the Marina Baixa Consortium for the PAI sector PP-37 Montesol 2 is 43,109 m³ per year. "This approval speeds up the granting of licenses for the construction of this PAI", affirms the mayor of Vila Joiosa, Andreu Verdú.

The mayor has recognized the work carried out by the Department of Urbanism directed by the mayor, Pedro Alemany; whose work team "is streamlining all major and minor work licenses." An effect that, according to the mayor, is becoming noticeable in the urban growth that has been taking place in Vila Joiosa in recent years”