The use of the Electronic Office practically tripled in the beginning of 2021

April 29, 2021
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The use of the Electronic Office increased significantly during the past year and maintains this trend during the first quarter of 2021, "in which visits and users have practically tripled compared to the same period of the previous year," as reported by the Mayor, Toni Pérez.

According to the data transferred by the mayor, during the first three months of 2020, before the pandemic, “there were 224,575 visits to the Electronic Office and 11,162 users; while on the same dates this year the figures have shot up to 821,123 visits and 36,884 users ”.

In view of these data, Toni Pérez has pointed out that “during the pandemic, the Electronic Office has been confirmed as an agile and useful tool for communication and, fundamentally, for management between the Administration and citizens; a tool that in the case of Benidorm was highly developed and established before the outbreak of the health crisis, which has greatly facilitated its use by individuals, companies and the self-employed ”.

The mayor recalled that "in 2020 more than 230,000 operations were carried out electronically at the Electronic Headquarters, a figure that this year will be exponentially increased as is already being advanced in this first quarter, since in addition to the 131 usual procedures that can be carried out Through this platform, others of a specific nature with a very high demand have been incorporated, such as the request for different aid to the productive fabric, municipal aid to families against Covid-19 or, more recently, the request of place in the municipal infantile schools ”.

In fact, "it is estimated that 40% of applicants for 2021 family aid have completed the process from their homes, something to which the fact of being able to carry out this procedure without the need for an electronic certificate has contributed."

In this way, he added, "it has been possible not only to streamline the processing process, but also to ensure that many individuals have become familiar with the use of the Electronic Office and its advantages, avoiding travel." "We believe that once the pandemic is over, a very high percentage of these users will consolidate this practice and will continue to use Electronic Administration in a preferential way to carry out their procedures in the City Council", he pointed out.

2020 overview

In 2020, more than 230,000 operations were processed through the Electronic Office. Among the files processed, 2,110 of aid to the productive fabric of the city were counted, 501 files of aid financed by the Provincial Council for local commerce, 2,433 files of aid to hospitality and tourism and 270 files for subsidies to passenger motor transport companies. In addition, 9,232 registration certificates were issued electronically and more than 30,000 files were initiated. The total number of visits to the Electronic Office was 2,577,894 compared to 871,734 in 2019.