Toni Pérez congratulates Hotel Don Pacho for its 50th Anniversary

May 13, 2022
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Mayor Toni Pérez has congratulated the Hotel Don Pancho in the act of its celebration of the 50th Anniversary of its opening, emphasising "celebrating in style the effort and vision" of the Torrubia family for betting on the location of the hotel on Avenida del Mediterráneo , in the middle of Levante beach and for continuing to be a benchmark of quality. Especially, said Pérez, "to all those who have been employed in making this emblematic hotel in Benidorm great and a benchmark".

He reminded professionals that from the hotel they have contributed to creating their own brand "of hospitality and happiness that adds to the Benidorm brand" and pointed out that "tourism is a great industry that focuses on people by providing direct happiness to some and opportunities labor to others”.

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The mayor concluded his speech by pointing out the importance of tourism, the component of the destination and the commitment to quality and sustainability, highlighting the importance of Benidorm's commitment to the accommodation sector and its beaches: "Levante and Poniente, among the five best of the world".

The mayor also had words of affection for the Autonomous Secretary for Tourism, Francesc Colomer, who also congratulated the hotel, highlighting the emotional bond between the guest and the destination and thanked the promoters for their efforts, investment and sensitivity. For Colomer, Benidorm has made the hotel industry itself a tourist product. In this chapter of tourist products, Colomer praised the beaches of Benidorm as such, especially, he stressed, the Poniente Beach.

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The general director of the Don Pancho Group, Francisco Quiles, recalled key moments in the process, from 21st August, 1969, when the initiative was forged to today, stopping at the inauguration of the hotel, on 13th May, 1972, and at the 23rd February, 2014 in which after the death of Manuel Torrubia, the property undertakes, in the traditional permanent line of quality, a new stage.

The event was attended by representatives of the Benidorm hotel industry and the world of tourism, representatives of the Benidorm City Council and the Generalitat. During the event, activities to be carried out in the month of June have been presented.  

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