Turisme CV and ViuTur come together to fight against intrusion and improve neighbourhood and tourist coexistence in València

August 11, 2022
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Turisme Comunitat Valenciana and the Regulated Tourist Housing Association of Valencia (ViuTur), have presented the 'WeRespect' seal, for noise monitoring in tourist housing.

The regional secretary of Turisme Comunitat Valenciana, Francesc Colomer, has participated together with the president of ViuTur, Silvia Blasco, in the presentation of this campaign that aims to demonstrate the commitment of regulated apartments with neighbourhood coexistence.

Francesc Colomer explained that this initiative, like others that are going to be developed together with the employers' association of Regulated Tourist Apartments of the Community (APTUR CV), the Provincial Association of Catering and Tourism Companies of Castellón (Ashotur), and the Federation of Campsites of the Valencian Community (FCCV), "are part of the aid to raise awareness against intrusiveness in tourist accommodation".

Colomer has remarked that Turisme Comunitat Valenciana, in its commitment to promoting responsible and sustainable tourism”, has allocated 260,000 euros in 2022 for aid against intrusion into tourist accommodation. In this line, he has stressed that it is a program "that fights against intrusiveness in defense of coexistence and the concept of hospitality".

In this sense, it has affected that through these aids "once again Turisme wants to encourage consumers to choose the regulated offer, which is the one that is subject to certifications, regulations and requirements that the market asks of us and the one that guarantees a good tourist experience.

We Respect Campaign

This is a pilot plan promoted by ViuTur, which will be developed in 500 holiday apartments in Valencia to improve neighbourhood and tourist coexistence, and which has the support of Turisme Comunitat Valenciana, through a grant of 75,000 euros.

Francesc Colomer has highlighted that this campaign is a "concretion of a humble and discreet mutation, evolution, and revolution of what tourism governance is" and explained that this technology "is inserted into the cooperation programs" that we have with the sector of tourist housing accommodation, such as the 'BeLegalMyFriend' or 'Welldone/Welcome' campaigns. "They are pieces of a puzzle that we are building to make compatible and harmonize the reality of the tourist phenomenon with the cities", he stressed.

The head of Turisme has described the tourist housing sector as "fundamental and essential to understand our tourism model and our GDP" and has stressed that this activity "is not at odds, but embraces professionalization, regularization and the fight against intrusiveness”. In addition, he has pointed out that this self-regulation and self-demand of the sector through this campaign "is on the path of the search, always unfinished, of quality and tourism excellence".

The president of ViuTur, Silvia Blasco, explained that the objective of this project is to improve coexistence "through a noise monitoring system and an action protocol that will anticipate, act and resolve any incident", who has highlighted "the commitment to legality and neighbourhood coexistence in the regulated sector of short-term vacation rentals”.

The monitoring system will control the habits of some 2,000 tourists a day, so that at the end of the year ViuTur will have data on nearly 300,000 users of tourist homes in Valencia, the incidents they may have generated, and how they have been solved in real time thanks to the 'WeRespect' action protocol.

Noise monitoring in tourist homes will be carried out through the specialised company 'Roomonitor'. The CEO of the company, Ignacio Suárez, explained that the WeRespect campaign has already been running since 2019 in Barcelona and since the end of 2021 in Madrid. The objective is to promote sustainable tourism in the tourist apartment sector through real-time monitoring of tourist apartments and action protocols to correct possible inconveniences.